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  • When I am editing a post or page and I select the HTML view not the visual view (Which is disabled). How do I remove or edit the button above the text area. There is a ton of things here that I believe were added by plugins I have long gotten rid of. Its buttons like the bold and link buttons. Theres just a lot of them.

    Thank you for your time!

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  • If you remove plugins, their effect is usually removed also.

    You may have clicked on the single button that displays extra buttons. Try click on all buttons until maybe your extra ones are hidden. It is designed to look like lots of little buttons on the icon.

    Show Hide Kitchen Sink

    That is what the button is called but sorry that does not effect html view.

    What do the buttons do for you in the html window? That might help determine what is applying them.

    I noticed the kithcen sink link on the visual editor, my issue is with the non visual editor side of things. It looks like they are just shortcut buttons to insert random code into the html lines. Below is what went into a blank post after I pushed several of them


          • [one_fourth]
            [button link=”#”][/button]

      1. [one_fourth_last]

        <del datetime=”2011-07-03T03:40:50+00:00″><ins datetime=”2011-07-03T03:40:50+00:00″>

      2. <!–more–>

    And what happens when you use these shortcodes?

    They look to me like something to do with your theme. Did you possibly change theme recently?

    Those buttons could be handy, the <!–more–> creates a line under content which can look good on a long page.

    Its there for only my username, my contributors do not see this. How do I at least alter them? There is about 200 of them

    It only effects my login. I also tried replacing the quicktags.js file with a fresh one and whatever this is, is not saved there. It only effects my login. Other users do not see this

Viewing 7 replies - 1 through 7 (of 7 total)
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