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  • Hello,

    Please view this page:
    As you can see at the bottom is this line:

    both comments and pings are currently closed, RSS 2.0, Edit

    I would like to remove this gray box from ‘all’ my posts on this wordpress site.

    Is this possible and where do you go in the template to remove it?
    I have tried to remove it and it causes many problems.

    All help is greatly appreciated, thanks in advance.

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  • mrmist


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    Yes the text is (normally) added in your theme file, which you should be able to change in Design (theme editor). Look at comments.php for the text.

    oh no, its in the ‘single post’ (single.php) part of the template.
    I found the area, it’s like this:

    							// Neither Comments, nor Pings are open ?>
        Both comments and pings are currently closed.
        <?php } comments_rss_link('RSS 2.0'); ?>
        <?php  edit_post_link('Edit','',''); ?>

    However, i have attempted to delete it but it causes the entire page not to load.

    If anyone knows how to remove it, without messing things up, I’d be most happy. Thanks in advance,

    P.s. i am currently messing with it and got it down to just showing RSS2.0, however I am keen to remove the entire gray box?

    WHooopeee, i managed to remove it by eliminating the sub <div> tag for the metadata. I just put
    <! — and closed it after — >
    Now my pages don’t have comments, pings, RSS feeds or the edit option. Which makes it look much better.

    I have put this info here, so people can use it in the future. Thanks.

Viewing 4 replies - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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