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    I use The SEO Framework plugin with option “Remove blog name from the title” in title setting.

    I want the blog title not to appear in all post, but although the option is enabled, the title blog is shown in google searches.

    Only it work if I enable “Remove blog name from the title” in the single post. How I can exclude the blog title from all posts?


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  • Plugin Author Sybre Waaijer



    There are a few common issues with titles, let’s go over them:

    1. Google hasn’t seen you remove the blog name yet. It takes some time for them to crawl and reindex your pages. Via Google Search Console, you can obtain the latest crawling information. You can also ask them to crawl and update pages directly.
    2. The theme you’re using is using outdated title standards. We need a URL to your site to inspect for those.
    3. Google wants you to brand your titles. They often overwrite titles that aren’t branded, adding your blog name regardless.
    4. Your titles may be far too short or far too long; which may also encourage Google to overwrite your titles.


    Thanks for response.

    I insert the mysite URL in the forum profile. And the use theme Newspaper by Tagdiv (updated to last vesion).

    Plugin Author Sybre Waaijer



    Thanks for the info 🙂

    There’s no issue with your site. I’m afraid Google’s appending the site/blog/brand name because you didn’t. They do this on their own terms, and we cannot control that.

    Google really wants you to brand your titles. A good reason why they do this is that people associate with brands. For example, if a user trusts your brand, they’re more inclined to click your link. However, if they don’t trust your brand, not showing your brand is deceptive–a bad user experience.

    So, Google’s protecting both its users and you by adding it anyway. In the next update of TSF, we’re going to start warning users about this via the SEO Bar.

    Brand your titles

    Google has established your brand name via the Organization structured data entry, found under the Schema settings’ “Presence” tab.

    Hi, i have in settings set Pearl Beauty, on tab Presence from Schema settings is Pearl Beauty Center. Now in search engine my titles are like: Some tile – Pearl Beauty – Pearl Beauty Center.

    It is wise to disable blog name? So google puts there anyway trough schema settings. Any advice?

    Plugin Author Sybre Waaijer


    Hi Marius,

    Check out the Title Fix extension, it might solve the issue for you. Please note that it takes time for Google to reparse the titles, so it can take a few weeks before all page titles are rectified.

    In the future, if you need support, then per the forum guidelines, please start your own topic.

    Frequently Asked Questions

    You can do so here:

    Thank you!

Viewing 5 replies - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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