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  • I have been searching for how to remove /blog from the end of domain name and think Ive gotten way over my head. Is there an easy fix for this? I spoke to my hosting (aabaco) support and they said it cant be done but they could restore the old website. any help is greatly appreciated

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  • Hey fondrick,

    Do you have two parts to your website? Is WordPress just being used for your blog?

    With WordPress being under /blog this would usually indicate that it has been installed in that folder rather than the root. This is typically used when you have an existing site and wish to bolt WordPress on for blogging etc.

    Take a look over and see if that mirrors what you’ve got.

    If you don’t have anything in your root (no files etc) and wish to remove the blog you can either move the files to the root or continue using it under the blog folder but change a few things –

    Hope this helps


    Thread Starter fondrick


    i had the old site up and running when I was using wordpress to create the new one so i guess that’s how the /blog came to be. I had aabaco take down the old one and now there is just

    I came accross both of those links above when trying to figure this out but they seemed a little complicated to me, wanted to make sure what the correct way was so I dont make things worse. Do you have any suggestions?

Viewing 2 replies - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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