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  • Hi bloggers,

    I’ve run into a problem which is crushing my brain. I have wordpress installed for the purpose of intranet for a company.

    Now from post and pages I need to link to files on servers within the company. When I type in my browser the url: //Serverex3/example/example/gotohere, it will show me the folder.

    However if I add this as a link in a post, no matter what I do, it will automatically add the base url of the intranet (for example http://internet/Serverex3/example/example/gotohere) causing it to give a 404 not found error.

    Eventhough I even check the html page editing tool and make sure it only states the right address, it will still add it.

    I’ve also tried to add the “file//” tag but still it will add http:// in front.

    Does anybody know a solution/hack for this? Or a good plugin which will advoid this?

    Thanks in advance for your comments!


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  • Anyone? Maybe a .htacces hack or something? Mod-rewrite? I’m into that now but my experience in it as far from enough to get it to work. The free generators on the net don’t seem to be able to fix it either…

    Thanks for all the help! The answer was quite simple, it’s a bug in firefox which hasn’t been fixed. There seems to be no working hack or trick avaible.

    So you can just use the standard ‘file’ link, but it will only work in Internet Explorer.

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