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  • Hi Tom. I’m very grateful for this theme and will probably use it as the basis for all my sites from now on : ) Great work.

    What I’d like to know, is it possible to remove the main background color in the customizer?
    If I clear the ‘background color’ field under ‘colors’ it defaults to #efefef.

    I’ve actually overwritten this in my custom css (with an rgba value) but the default color appears whilst the page is loading. Is it possible to input an rgba value somehow into that field (maybe via a function?) or be able to actually clear it or maybe find that default custom color in the database and manually alter it.
    This color also seems to appear as a block on mobile if you swipe up or down quickly.

    Any help / advise very gratefully received.

    Cheers : )

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  • Theme Author Tom


    Hi there,

    That’s strange, you should just be able to remove the color and save.

    Can you do that and then link me to the site so I can see the color not going away?

    Let me know 🙂

    Hey Tom. Thanks very much for the reply.
    If I delete the hex number in the background box, #efefef appears. When I refresh the page, this color seems to load momentarily. I’ve managed to screen grab it and inspect the BG color in photoshop and it’s showing as #f1f1f1, which is odd but might be transitional as I have images as BGs on my site.
    This isn’t actually too much of a problem but someone else is seeing a box of this color via mobile on some pages. I can’t replicate what they are seeing (I have an iphone 6 – I think she has a 7) but, if I change the bg color to something bright, like green, I can see this flashing into view on mobile if i scroll quickly. This is more of a problem.
    Having said all this, it might be something else causing it but, since I have changed the color to green and can then see green, I’ve assumed it’s this.

    Thanks once again for any help / advise.

    Site is here >>

    Theme Author Tom


    Your site seems to have a password. Can you turn that off or send it (referencing this thread) through our contact form?:


Viewing 3 replies - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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