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Remove Author from pages (Beginner) Focal Point WIde, a child theme of BASE

  • Hi,
    I’m just starting to use wordpress
    I don’t know how to remove ‘by Shane Kelley’ from pages (Beginner) Focal Point Wide, a child theme of BASE.

    I am using it as my photography website – not as a blog (may add a blog page).

    ShaneKelleyPhotography.com – my site was previously set up and hosted by a web host friend.
    So I’m a COMPLETE beginner using wordpress – professional photographer – computer, mac & photoshop advanced level but zero knowledge of html.

    I also don’t want the widgets showing up at the bottom of the pages – just a clean photo website with slide show galleries – trying to figure out how to have the photos as slideshows not in a blog style list.

    Thanks so much for any help – challenging learning all this!


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  • some themes have a per post setting for this, but not all.
    You can always do it with css if familiar. If not post a link and I’ll give it a go.

    if you use css to hide the author and later add a blog it will also not show the author. you’ll need to add a conditional for the category of posts which will not show an author. I can help with that.

    That would be awesome – thank you – what do you need – what link?

    any post will do. I’ll need the category name which will not show authors. If more than one that’s okay. But it will probably be displayed with the post.

    You can assign any post or page to another Author, Editor or Admin by deleting the user. you will then be asked to assign a new ‘author’…tell user to re-register or ban (if required).

    I think they want some posts to show an author, and others not. will your suggestion eliminate the author link for specific posts?
    I was going to reccomend conditional css based on category.

    Test sites rule

    I tried and it only made me assign a new author, which still displays with the post. not sure what ya mean by “tell user to re-register or ban (if required).” so maybe I didn’t do it right. Anyway, I’ve done the same many times with css. If you have an easier method that would rule.

    This is not done with CSS.

    I’ve only made pages – not posts – although I’ve put a few photos on some of the pages. I don’t have categories – just pages – thought that was the way to do it – just pages for a photographer’s website.

    What about test sites?

    http://shanekelleyphotography.com/ this is the home page and just above the word HOME it says ‘by Shane Kelley’

    it’s also weird that the various horse related pages (horse shows, rodeo etc) are not sub pages of the page HORSES even though I did make them child pages of HORSES.

    the home page and the web address say ShaneKelleyPhotography and my name is on the bio page so it doesn’t need to appear anywhere else – If I make a blog page i’ll just sign the post with my first name – not sure if it needs to be on the blog page otherwise if someone wants to link to a post etc.

    so what’s the bottom line re getting rid of the ‘By Shane Kelley’ – please keep in mind I don’t really know wordpress or code

    this is what I’ve always done:

    .entry-meta {
    display: none;

    put it at the bottom of style.css and see.

    so i go into editor and into the css sheet for the BASE theme? I’m using the theme
    Focal Point – it’s a child theme of BASE

    do i put your code into the very bottom of the css page ?

Viewing 15 replies - 1 through 15 (of 20 total)
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