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  • Thank you for the reply! I sa the page, but it seams that the Path theme has different files… there are a few of the files listed there, but I don’t see where to delete or add the code to do what I want to: that only posts from one category show creation date.

    Theme Author Sami Keijonen



    There is no need to modify any of the template files. Basically you just filter byline in your child theme functions.php. I can give you code snippet if you still have this issue.

    Hi Sami! I’m very happy you answered. I love your theme!.

    I’m not a pro on php, and this is my first (and probably last, since I don’t work on this, I’m just a rabbi with programming knowledge…) site with wordpress.

    One of my mistakes was not to make a child theme, I modified the parent theme…

    I ended up modifying content.php, after a lot of looking into the files and realizing the Hybrid framework and the shortcuts into the php code.

    Below you’ll find my idea. Please, send me the code snippet as it shouñd be…

    Thank you!!!

    <?php /* echo apply_atomic_shortcode( 'byline', '<div class="byline">' . __( 'Published by [entry-author] on [entry-published] [entry-comments-link before=" | "] [entry-edit-link before=" | "]', 'path' ) . '</div>' ); */ ?>
    			<?php $post_id = get_the_ID(); ?>
    			<?php $cat = get_the_category($post_id); ?>
    			<?php if ( $cat[0]->cat_ID == 9 ) {  /* 9 es Editoriales */?>
    			<?php 	echo apply_atomic_shortcode( 'byline', '<div class="byline">' . __( 'Publicado en [entry-published] [entry-comments-link before=" | "] [entry-edit-link before=" | "]', 'path' ) . '</div>' ); ?>
    			<?php }	?>
    Theme Author Sami Keijonen



    You’re right. You should never edit parent theme files. Install a fresh copy of Path and after that download and activate Path Child from here.

    Path Child

    You might need to set menus and widgets again.

    After that open up child theme functions.php and put this inside setup function.

    add_filter( "{$prefix}_byline", 'my_byline', 11 );

    And this after setup function.

    function my_byline( $byline ) {
    	if( in_category( 'aaaa' ) ) {
    		$byline = '<div class="byline">' . __( 'Published by [entry-author] on [entry-published] [entry-comments-link before=" | "] [entry-edit-link before=" | "]', 'path' ) . '</div>';
    	else {
    		$byline = '';
    	return $byline;

    Change to category slug aaaa for what you need. This disables byline for every other but not aaaa category posts.

    I’ll try but I have a few questions:

    1) Will this affect all the information I already wrote?, like the posts and the pages I made.

    2) I created a few Templates for the kind of pages I use, for example, I have simple pages (default template), pages that list the posts of a certain category and pages that list the posts of two categories. All of this I created by copying a fresh index.php and adding some code. Where do I put this templates in the child theme?

    Thank you so much for getting involved on this!!

    Theme Author Sami Keijonen



    Just copy all of your custom templates to child theme folder and you’re good to go.

    Thank you very much Sami. I’ll try this later. Should I mark the topic as solved?

    I also have this code in my sidebar-primary.php:

    <?php dynamic_sidebar( 'primary' ); ?>
    		<?php echo "<h3>Avisos</h3>"; ?>
    		<?php query_posts('category_name=avisos&showposts=10'); ?>
    		<?php while (have_posts()) : the_post(); ?>
    			<?php the_content(); ?>
    			<?php echo "<p>&nbsp;</p>"; ?>
    		<?php endwhile;?>

    Where should it be in the child theme?

    Also, what about theme translation to spanish, where should I put it?

    Thank you!

    Theme Author Sami Keijonen



    Remove that code and use plugin like Query Posts.

    Translation files goes to child theme languages-folder.

    I see. I’ll try to make all this changes. To be honest, it scares me a little since the site is working like I at it to right now… and the menu is quite big to re-do it…

    What do you think? Is it worth doing all the changes just for code’s sake?

    Thank you!

    Theme Author Sami Keijonen



    I’m not sure what you’re trying to do but here are basic steps you should know.

    1. Don’t modify parent theme (or WP core files). You will loose all of those modifications when you update theme. And I know you will update.

    2. Therefore you should always make modifications to child theme.

    3. There is no reason to add code like that in sidebar-primary.php. There are plenty of widget plugins that do that.

    4. If you have make modifications to parent theme style.css, copy styles (not file) to child theme style.css.

    5. If you have any further questions, I encourage you to join Path is officially supported there.

    Ok. Thank you very much for your speedy answers. I think I’ll try the child theme before my site grows too much…

    Thanks again!

    Hello, im interested in the same issue. And i dont know how he resolved it.

    I like theme Path, but i dont know how to do it.

    Also i want to change You are here: Home and translate it to spanish

    Thank u all

    Theme Author Sami Keijonen



    Please open new topic for new questions.

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