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  • Hi Oliver

    Remove the left sidebar on your website to create child theme.
    Refer this link for child theme.

    First of all add page.php file in child theme directory and find this below code and remove it from this file.

    <div class="span3" id="blog-post-icons">
       <ul class="spa-blog-icon clearfix">
    	<li class="admin-icon"> <a href="<?php the_permalink(); ?>"><?php the_author();?></a></li>
    	<li class="calendar-icon"> <a href="<?php the_permalink(); ?>"><?php the_date('M j,Y');?> </a></li>
    	<li class="blog-comment-icon"><?php  comments_popup_link( __( "Leave a comment", 'sis_spa' ),__( "1 Comment", 'sis_spa' ), __( "% Comments", 'sis_spa' ),'name' ); ?></li>

    It will resolved your issue.


    created a child theme exactly as told and added the page.php with the code you gave me, but something went wrong…

    Okay, i think i got it working now, but now the header changed color on all the other pages than the home page, wat should i do?

    Hi Oliver

    For header banner strip to change color.

    Here are provide some css code add theme option custom css box.

    .pink-container { background-color: your specific color code ; }

    If your need more customization to find specific element class and id
    and add your custom css codes.

    Save it.
    It will solved your problem. If have any query let me know
    -Hari Maliya

    I added the code like this .pink-container {background-color: 6A0888 ;}

    into the theme/option panel/general/custom css box, but nothing changed…


    Use this .pink-container {background-color: #6A0888 ;}

    Hope this will work.


    That did not work for me, but i looked through some of the other support threads and found this code…
    .slidesDescription {background-color:#6A0888}
    .navbar-inverse .nav > li > a:hover
    background-color:#6A0888 !important;
    .navbar-inverse .nav li.current_page_item a{color:#ffffff;}
    .navbar-inverse .nav li.current_page_item {background-color: #6A0888;}
    .navbar-inverse .nav > li > a:hover { color:#ffffff;background-color: #6A0888; }

    which i added, and it worked for the home page only, how do i make it work on every page?

    For other pages

    Use this .pink-container {background-color:#6A0888}

    in custom css box


Viewing 8 replies - 1 through 8 (of 8 total)
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