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  • First, you must understand that I am a novice at building websites/blogs and know just enough to be getting in trouble. Your patience is appreciated.
    My problem is this: I have created a static page and blog page by adding two new pages and naming the first something other than “home” (“Welcome to FFS”)and the second (“FFS Information Box”)as my blog page. I have changed the settings on the “reading” page as required. I also have been creating internal page links from one page to another. All is well, as long as I’m using Firefox. However, in IE my blog page shows a separate “un-named” space in the footer (actually, I think it may stand outside the footer) which, when passed over with the cursor, shows it as a link: When you click on it, it takes you to my “request a quote” page. I have no icon or artwork or link in this area–it’s kind of a phantom link, I guess–and the space is bordered by two grey parallel lines. Underneath the second of these two lines is the main footer to which I’ve also made a few changes.

    I simply want to remove this “phantom” internal link to my “request a quote” page, but, try as I might, I can’t do it! Again, it appears only on the page I’ve designated as my blog page, and it shows up only in Internet Explorer, not in Firefox browser. Also, if I go to my sitemap and click on the blog itself, the problem doesn’t exist. (I don’t even know how I got it there). My URL is Anything you suggest will be a big help as I am on the verge of committing hari-kiri!

    As as new webpage builder, WordPress is great an I am enjoying the process; however, I’ve running into roadblocks, like this, that delay me from moving ahead. Thanks in advance for any help.

    Mark [ Signature moderated. ]

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