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  • I’d like to remove the overabundant feeds of WordPress.
    I only need to keep the main feed with all new articles but WordPress produces feed on every single category, tag, post, archive ecc..

    I found various solutions to remove all feeds but nothing to keep only main feed.
    I mean to keep only the link to main feed from home page

    www. homepage. it/feed/

    Thanks for the help

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  • Why? As far as I know, those feeds are generated on the fly when requested. They don’t seem to require any more resources than the normal WordPress pages containing ‘The Loop’ and RSS/Atom feeds are a good way to serve certain clients.

    The availability of the various feeds may make your website more attractive to well-behaved syndicators/aggregators and some search engines will spider those feeds looking for new and possibly obscure content. Syndication and search are two things you should cater to in order to advance your sites reach.

    You could give this a read and follow the information there to remove or modify certain feeds to better serve your audience.

    One place you might look is the length of time that your feeds suggest as a refresh interval. That interval defaults to 60 minutes but a 3 or 4 hour interval is often more reasonable and a lower load from any automated systems.

    Another setting you should be aware of is the ‘Syndication feeds show the most recent’ and the ‘For each article in a feed, show’ settings. I recommend setting those to no more than 30 posts and ‘summary’. Those are in your Dashboard –> Settings –> reading.

    Thirty is a nice, round number and setting to ‘summary’ means there will be a short ‘blurb’ and then a read more link to funnel readers back to your own site. Setting to summary also helps keep aggregators from automatically using your full content on their site.

    One more point I’d like to make is certain added resources such as ‘Calendar’ make good use of RSS feeds aimed at the visitor base but available for the system itself. I often back feed those outputs into the posting area of my sites as drafts and either manually edit them for later publication or use an auto-poster to promote them to posts over time.

    Content is King!

    you need to disable your all feeds then after that your able to customize feeds according to you and default is on the homepage.
    the plugin you can use is a disable feed.
    for more details, you can click here click

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