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    After running wp-smush, the number of files dramatically increased. Especially with by hosting .. they limit the number of files that can exist. As a result of smushing I have exceeded the file count

    I have since deactivated the plugin, but I really need to figure the files that wp-smush added and have then gone. I cannot add anything to my sites now as Hosting is not allowing any uploads

    Please help

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  • Plugin Author Umesh Kumar


    Hey @hdsouza,

    WP Smush doesn’t creates any additional file, it replaces the existing files with smushed files.

    Unless you’re using the pro version and have the backup turned on, there is no way that WP Smush created additional files.

    Have you made any other changes to your website recently?


    Hi, I have a website that I have added nothing in ages. The only thing is the posts rotates every couple days. I ran wp-smush last week on all the images and that added several 1000 images taking the host over the inodes maximum. I am running a compare now to find out which images were added. Can you take a look at your code too?


    Sorry. you are right. The extra images are being generated by WordPress

    Plugin Author Umesh Kumar


    @hdsouza, so should I mark it resolved?


    Hello, Umesh,

    you state «WP Smush doesn’t creates any additional file, it replaces the existing files with smushed files.» But in my case it does. I cannot delete/replace an updated image version in a slider I created. When I choose the newer image from the media repository it always keeps the unwanted/smushed one… no matter how I delete the cache in the browser etc. When I try to search for the smushed version there is none the media folder.

    Where ARE the smushed images deposited?

    THX for any hint!

    I am having the same problem!! With 398 genuine images loaded, after “Smush”ing them, I now have around 5000+ images. I believe after upload, (or is it after “Smush” that images are stored in the MySql database, which is why you can’t find them.
    After a little research, I found a plugin from “PimWick LLC”, that is supposed to find all the unused images, and then give you the opportunity to delete them. It certainly found around 4700 “Unused images”. Having paid around $20 for the “Pro version”, or whatever it is, you then have the opportunity to “Backup” the images before deleting them, but after clicking the backup button, you are advised to look at your website to ensure all is still well with it, before actually deleting anything. This warning is just as well, because the plugin removed a number of “Category” images from my site, leaving only the descriptive text below the image in a box that previously contained image and text.
    Retyrning to the image cleaner, I then “Restored” all the various sizes of one particular image as a test. Unfortunately, the image in question had not reappeared, when I looked at the page containing it. It was only after restoring all 4700+ images that I was able get my page back to normal. Of course, the same Pimwick Plugin may work fine on your site – I just do not know!

    I believe there are several other plugins available that will clean out the surplus images that are generated in a seemingly chaotic fashion by WP Smush”, if you go down this road, use them with caution, or you may wreck your site
    Hope this helps

    Plugin Author Umesh Kumar


    Hi @fingersmorris,

    WP Smush doesn’t creates any additional image at all. When you upload a image, WordPress and the theme creates additional sizes to be used at various places.

    So when you say, you uploaded 398 images, depending upon number of registered image sizes, you’d have 398*n number of images. Where n can be 4 ( Default Number of registered image sizes by WordPress) – any number of images sizes( be it 10, 20
    registered by other themes and plugins). So, if you’re saying you’ve 4700 images, that’s because of the theme/plugin you might be using and not Smush.

    Also the image clean up plugins might create a problem for your site, as you seem to have faced already, so I won’t recommend doing that.

    Thanks, Umesh

    Hello, Umesh,

    I use an image from the media library in a slider. All images have been smushed. I had to retouch this image and have replaced the original file in the media library by the updated one. I update this image in the slider with the new version. Still the slider keeps on displaying the previous smushed unretouched version. I have installed WP fastest Cache to delete cache files, have deleted browser history, cache etc. To no avail. So where ARE the smushed versions of the images. They must be somewhere else than the media library because a search finds no other file than the improved one (that is not being displayed).
    Thanks for any hint!

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