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  • Not yet – but a future version will allow for non-US addresses for both the non-profit and donors.

    in the interim, is there a way to delete the address field and not have it at all.

    So you’d like to not show

    – address
    – address2
    – city, state and zip

    anything else

    That also means they would not be available in the backend (Dashboard) – is that really want you want?

    Most of the donation will be from international users, since the address field is limited to US Addresses, it is a major problem.

    Do you have a better suggestion of how to deal with this issue?


    I am working on an international version, but it is going to take some time – will keep you posted. What countries, languages would be a must-have for you?

    it’s an international fanclub, so members are all over the world.

    Thanks for looking into it, I can’t wait for the international version 🙂

    I too need an international option urgently.

    However in the meantime I need to tweak the code to remove the US specific fields
    What fields do I need to leave in for Paypal to work? (in a previous post you hint at hidden fields and back-end fields that are required)

    Can you please list for me where and what I need to tweak in the php as this is clearly an issues several of us need urgently and will need to work around until you release a version that supports international accounts

    Without this, I will sadly have to find another solution

    Any further progress on the ability to delete the address fields for this otherwise very cool plug-in. I am setting up a website for an australian charity and we really need to be able to send the customised thank you email your plug-in offers. However we need to set it up urgently! As we plan to send the thank you receipts by email, we don’t need the postal address at all.
    Also, is there a way I can insert an image into the thank you email??

    I removed the address fields from the form by doing the following:
    1. go to Plugins/Editor and find the Seamless Donations plugin

    2. edit dgx_donate_paypalstd.php and comment out the following line:
    // $content = dgx_donate_get_billing_section($content);

    3. since billing fields are required, you also need to comment out the required field checks on these fields. edit js/paypalstd-script.js and comment out all the following lines:
    // if (address == “”)
    // {
    // formValidates = false;
    // DgxDonateMarkInvalid(“_dgx_donate_donor_address”);
    // }

    // if (city == “”)
    // {
    // formValidates = false;
    // DgxDonateMarkInvalid(“_dgx_donate_donor_city”);
    // }

    // if (zip == “”)
    // {
    // formValidates = false;
    // DgxDonateMarkInvalid(“_dgx_donate_donor_zip”);
    // }

    This worked spectacularly for me! Hope it helps!

Viewing 9 replies - 1 through 9 (of 9 total)
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