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  • esmi


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    Look in Admin/Users. You can remove individual subscribers there. Far easier and safer than messing with the database.

    Ryan S


    If you are admin, or have admin level rights, you can remove subscribers from your dashbord, from users option.

    In database, go to wp_users table and click on browse. You will find a list of users. Click on the delete option

    Thanks. Can you please be more specific? Under ADMIN, I see “Authors & Users, Your Profile, Subscriptions”. This appears to be based on dashboard users? I am looking for list a readers that subscribed to my blog…



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    Under ADMIN, I see “Authors & Users

    Yes. That’s right. It will include all readers who have subscribed/registered on your blog.

    If you’re referring to RSS subscrbers, there’s no way to can remove users as there is no database of RSS subscribers. People simply choose to read your RSS feed or not.

    hmmm. ok thanks. I guess it must be rss feed b/c I don’t see anyone in my users but myself – and I know I have quite a few subscribers. developers set it up – self-managing now…

Viewing 5 replies - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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