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    I currently have two sidebars and want to eliminate one. Is there a simple way to do this? Thanks

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  • Hi,

    You’ve just to edit your template files (.php) from you theme.

    if the whole sidebar is control by widget you can enter a blank text widget into the sidebar and the whole sidebar should collapse. if not you have to go into your theme and remove manually.

    Please excuse my lack of experience. Could someone provide more detail about the process? I have 3 files: Sidebar, l_sidebar, and r_sidebar.
    Also, do I need to modify the css file to divide the remaining room?

    I currently have 2 sidebars and want to remove 1 of them. In the editor I see 3 php files: sidebar, l_sidebar, and r_sidebar.

    I edited sidebar.php to remove the mention of r_sidebar. While this removed it, the space for it was not allocated to my page and remaining sidebar, so I put it back.

    Which php files do I need to modify and do I need to modify the css file to reallocate the remaining space?

    My website is and my theme is Super Adsense 2.1 by Gobala Krishnan.



    Sorry for the delay…

    In your sidebar.php file, search the HTML code that correspond to the <div id=”r_sidebar”> container, then delete the entire container. (from <div id=”r_sidebar”> to the </div> of the same level.)

    Then, into your CSS file (usually called ‘style.css’)
    Go to the rules called #l_sidebar and see the ‘Width’ attribute, put the value ‘350px’ instead of ‘160px’
    and add the attribute ‘Height’ with the value ‘100%’

    It should work, I’ve made some test on your website.

    Otherwise, if you want make something cleaner, then you can replace everywhere the HTML code <div id=”r_sidebar”> by <div id=”main_sidebar”> and do the same into your CSS file, you’ve just to replace the rule #l_sidebar by #main_sidebar


    hi. i found out hwo to remove the sidebar, but can i use the width attribute to move it to the side?

    Thank you, riversatile.

    It took me a long time to get around to it but the change itself was so easy because of your clear instructions. looks so much cleaner and neater than before. Thanks again.

Viewing 8 replies - 1 through 8 (of 8 total)
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