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    Hi, I just got my site up and running on wordpress, but i can’t figure out which site the comments form are on? There is a div to much in the code, but which file do i edit to remove it?

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  • Normally, the file to edit is comments.php in the active theme folder; otherwise, index.php.

    Depends on the theme you are using. As I recall, if the theme does not have a comments file, WP uses the default theme comment file. In that case, better to fix the theme than edit the default file.

    comments.php or comments-pop-up or similar

    if you can’t find the template
    open all and search for the comments..

    there a template tags like author comments_text i.e.


    i have made my own theme, or i made a design and changed the blix theme into mine. maybe a stupid way to do it, but…

    here is an example of the problem:

    i went through every file in the theme folder, but i can’t figure it out..

    If the theme has the file comments.php, modify that.
    If it doesn’t have one, copy one from Default theme folder to your theme folder, and modify the copy in your theme folder.

    i have tried that, but it doesn’t help.
    which files are being used in addition to comments.php, sidebar.php, footer.php and header.php?

    any suggestions?

    List all the files you have in the current theme folder.


    Paste the whole code for the following 2 files separately in


    Come back and give us the links after pasting the code.

    The problem is not with your comments file. Try fixing your quotes div (wrapping a block level element with an inline element) and some of the other errors which may be causing the “not open div” message.

    when a permalink is clicked, which files are being loaded then?

    Depends on the theme. If there is a single.php then it is loaded along with the header and footer, otherwise index.php is used. Also if there is a comment.php file it is loaded, otherwise the file in the default directory is loaded.

    That is irrelevant I believe. Your problem appears to be improperly nested tags as I noted.

Viewing 15 replies - 1 through 15 (of 19 total)
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