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  • We could do with some more info here ……. like where this comment is ?

    Comment by Dale Reece 04.28.05 @ 12:22 am
    “wake me up on judgement day”
    Aetna Health Insurance sucks
    7th comment down (last comment) from top of page
    reason: my situation has now changed. I don’t believe this is now a fair assesment.

    Hang on…. which blog ? Which post ? Is this your blog ? If it is not, email the owner and request, if it is, just delete it…
    I have looked all over his site and don’t see any place to contact him via e-mail or any other.

    Hmm …. I wouldn’t worry too much about the comment, and as for contact, I would hazard a guess that your best bet is to leave another comment in that thread asking for the comment to be removed. That way anyone else can see your subsequent request / opinion should you be unable to get in touch any other way.
    I would also guess – and it is just that – an address might be dave@ that web address or indeed his full name at that address.

    Maybe you could leave another comment in the thread, asking him to delete your previous comment, or clarifying the situation as it is now. And in the future, realize that if you leave a comment somewhere, it doesn’t really belong to you anymore once it’s posted on someone else’s site. They control it, you don’t. So don’t say what you might later regret.

    Just took a shot at his possible e-mail address. I was thinking along your same lines about posting another updated comment on that thread.

    issue resolved !
    lesson learned !

Viewing 8 replies - 1 through 8 (of 8 total)
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