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    Gee last night I spent an hour doing a post that would have taken me about 2 minutes or less using the copy paste from word after I formatted it with lists and unordered lists. 3.9.1 sucks at doing lists and I certainly don’t expect any improvements in the near future like putting back the paste from word function. Word formats nicely WordPress does not.

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    Your theme is supposed to handle all of the formatting via its CSS – not WordPress core. Try mentioning this to your theme’s developer. It’s not a WordPress core issue.

    And here all this time I thought twenty ten was supplied by wordpress along with the basic tiny mce editor supplied by wordpress.
    But according to you I am wrong.

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    A WordPress theme is very different to the core WordPress product, that’s what Esmi was explaining.

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    You have an issue with your theme, and so you should create a support thread for it in its support section:

    Word formats nicely WordPress does not.

    Microsoft Word doesn’t create websites though.
    Edit: Actually Microsoft Word does create websites – hehe

    Well actually I made a lot of websites with MS FrontPage so microsoft does create websites and I have used WP since 2006 so ma somewhat familiar with it too. I do know what a theme is. And I finally found the thread where people were talking about the removal of the paste from word from the editor. Apparently tiny mce did this but it does not matter who did it, a good functionality is gone. The paste as text thing does not work like the old paste from word did. And it probably won’t be back. So end of discussion.

    Paste as text removes all formatting.

    You should be able to just paste right into WP’s visual editor from word. It works for most things. Think of it as having Paste From Word always pressed.

    (Tables are a bit weird, but that’s because MS isn’t very consistent between versions with their encoding. Source? I used to be an MS Office installer back in the late 90s/early 2000s, and had to customize the installer for a large company. Upgrades were insane when you have highly customized docs)

Viewing 6 replies - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)
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