• For some reasons, I should to split WP installations of main domain. One installation is support.mydomain.com (AS is on it) and another installation is forums.mydomain.com (wpForo is on it).

    Is it possible to get wpForo users as AS users, as well, without second time to force user to create account?

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  • Hi @komitaltrade,

    You can try the Network subsite user registration plugin to try a single multisite login for your users. We haven’t tested this plugin we’re not sure if there might be a problem with them as they change the role of users from both Awesome Support and WPForo to “super admin” , so you would need to take a deeper look.

    Here is the link for the Network subsite User registration plugn: https://wordpress.org/plugins/network-subsite-user-registration/


    Well …. that is not solution (for me) as here is about two physically separate servers and not WPMU (but it is about subdomains, if that count something).

    So, any other option?

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