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  • Hi gang,

    I’m currently writing up posts on a local server, then running a bash script to sync with a remote server via SSH. Everything works fine, except if I schedule a post in the future it will not automatically show once reaching the publish date. (shows a ‘missed schedule’ note in admin) If I upload again once the post has reached it’s scheduled date, it shows up just fine.

    Any suggestions? In case it matters, here’s how the script syncs:

    #1) Rsync local wordpress files to remote
    #2.) Dump mysql tables wp_post, wp_postmeta, wp_terms, wp_term_relationships, wp_term_taxonomy and scp them to the remote server
    #3.) Overwrite the remote tables with the newly-uploaded ones.

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  • I am actually curious as to your final solution … I also want to create some sort of sync/deploy solution to be able to work with wordpress locally and more easily manage up and down transfers.

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