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  1. KustomByKris
    Posted 4 years ago #

    I am running a multisite at http://kbkconnect.com. Remote publishing will not activate on any blogs except the main one. I can check the boxes under Remote Publishing via Settings > Writing, but after clicking on the button to save the changes, the boxes are unchecked. I am new to WordPress and could really use some help resolving this problem.

  2. What version of WP are you running?

    What plugins do you have installed?

  3. KustomByKris
    Posted 4 years ago #

    Oops! Sorry!

    Version 3.0.3

    I have a LOT of plugins installed since it is a multisite for others to use. Someone mentioned that the 3.0.3 installation was to fix a problem with remote publishing, but that it caused another problem. Is this so and where would I find the details on it?

  4. It's up on the codex, but I can't reproduce this issue, which is why I asked for you plugins.

    Standard debugging is to turn them off to verify if it's the core install or the plugins. Sorry.

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