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    Have they been moved somewhere else? I usually use LiveWriter or Word to write my posts, but can’t find the settings to enable this… I’ve tried re-installing wordpress, but it hasn’t made any difference (thought maybe I messed something up on my first install). Anyone else having this issue or know where the settings might be?

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  • Usually the settings are in Livewriter (Your logon info for your site)

    Sometimes you may need to fill in the settings in your WP Dashboard for posting by email:

    Settings>writing>Post by email

    Hope that helps


    I’ll give the post by email a shot, thanks 🙂

    It’s just really strange– I know I used to have the option for remote publishing (atom or xml-rpc), but it’s gone now. I have livewriter set up with my login info, but if I post to my blog the encoding is all messed up and unreadable. Hmm. Actually, I bet the encoding settings are set up wrong in Livewriter… I hope that’s all.

    Thanks again!

    Nope, nothing’s working. I enabled posting via email, but the remote publishing settings are still missing … If anyone knows some other way to enable Atom and XML-RPC publishing, I’d love to hear it!

    Duh! I probably should have read the documentation a little more closely… XML-RPC publishing is enabled by default now, and Atom now requires a plugin as it’s not part of the core system anymore. Whoops! Hopefully this helps some other poor soul scratching their head in confusion over this 🙂

    Thanks again, Ron!

Viewing 4 replies - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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