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  1. modestopinions
    Posted 9 years ago #

    I hope this turns out to be easier than I'm thinking it might be!

    I have a form. It has a textarea. That textarea is filled with HTML code for people to copy/paste into their own websites or blogs.

    Here's the thing - I want to add a button/link that will take that code and insert it directly into a new WP post. The code is already stored (via PHP) in a variable called $code as part of the tool. Basically, I'm looking for a way to pass that variable to a new WP post so the contents of the variable show up in the body of the post.

    I do *not* want to have to ask people for their username/password. If they're not logged in, they should hit the login screen, login, then continue the operation.


    I can show the tool so you can see how it currently works if that would help.

  2. modestopinions
    Posted 9 years ago #

    I'm only going to bump this once, since it's been 3 days, then I'm going to just assume that nobody here can help me :(

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