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    Good stuff but not “app” enough.

    Will I use this app? No. Also not other so called “PWA” (in my humble opinion are just another “AMP” thing), that mess up websites and yet doesn’t bring much benefits. I have disabled “AMP” in all my websites after running them for months – Conclusion: More harm than good.

    Here is a killer improvement idea – Make it remote-control friendly.


    Navigation is the biggest problem for website on TV, whereby remote-controller offers the best user experience. The is no problem with most of the apps whereby one can jump from one menu to another (using keys like <, >, etc).

    This is not the case with websites eg. WordPress/Genesis, you’d need an airmouse, and that’s still clumsy.

    I have been looking for way to make website TV friendly for years. None so far.

    It will be a revolutionary breakthrough if you can make remote controller’s navigation buttons (basically the arrows “>, <, etc) move from one to another says, menu item #1 to #2 … then jump to “next page” etc.

    Alternately, you may extract the menu/navigation items and make buttons out of them for user to navigate.

    I’d recommend you start off with Genesis – solid framework with huge user base.

    TV viewers are dying to access the web, which is an absolute pain due to navigation problems.

    Other than that,

    2. NO HTTPS – I have many websites serving good contents which I do not wish to pay the extra cost for SSL. Suggest you make SSL a non requirement.

    3. Use native web display, I noticed embed image/gifs/video do not display. Even external featured image by Nelio also do not come out.

    That said, I think you may want to consider an all purpose PWA with the following features: –

    1. Make it TV friendly
    2. Customization Splash
    3. No need https
    4. Show native display (some have plugins like slider/table etc). None of this will come out if you choose your way of display content.

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Viewing 1 replies (of 1 total)
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