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  1. loketing
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    Hi everyone,

    I recently installed WordPress 3.0.1 with LAMPP on Ubuntu 10.04, and I'm trying to give an external application access to certain parts of WordPress.

    More specifically, I want to give a C++ application access to creating WordPress users by using wp_create_user(). I want to achieve this by either creating some sort of plugin, or by creating a custom PHP script. I can, of course, manually insert the user data into the MySQL database, but this is a cumbersome process, and in my eyes a poor design choice, and not very portable.

    Is there a "quick" way to achieve this type of access in WordPress? I'm not entirely familiar with this type of application, but I'm fairly competent in PHP and C++. I wanted to use HTTP Authentication, but I'm having trouble using headers with PHP since the headers have already been sent by WordPress.

    Also, from what I gather from the PHP documentation, this method is only supported by Apache, and might be hard to use on an Ngingx server.

    Am I going about this the wrong way, or is this the preferred method of remote access? Any help with this is greatly appreciated.


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