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    I am working with the theme, suffusion, which is really great and convenient to use. I am quite begineer. I noticed in all the widgets displayed in my side bar, all titles/links/categories start with a bullet , I would like to remove this bullet and especially from my category drop list,but I would like to keep it for my link widget. I have added a Enhanced categories which allow me to expand/collapse my child category, and I have a button (green) around my expand image that I cannot remove as well, it does not come from the widget but the template. If you want to have a look, http://www.elgringotrail/blog, it is really a draft, I am just setting up the content of my blog. Thanks by advance for your help

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    .suf-mag-category li, .tab-box div.sidebar-tab-content ul li, .suf-widget li, .suf-flat-widget li, .suf-panel-widget li {

    in green,css

    You could also just change the text




    this way if you ever wanted to put the bullets back in you could just re-enter the same code.

    I would suggest putting this in Blog Features -> Custom Includes -> Custom Styles:

    .suf-mag-category li, .tab-box div.sidebar-tab-content ul li, .suf-widget li, .suf-flat-widget li, .suf-panel-widget li {
        background-image: none;

    This way when you upgrade your theme your settings are preserved and you don’t have to make the change again.

    thanks for your help, it has worked, for the bullet but I still have this kind of mask , just before the category name, I cannot ride off it… still need a bit of your help


    OK I fixed it, many thanks for your quick help


    Does this method act as a child feature that is gaining so much popularity? It seems to be the case, and if so, it is a welcomed feature indeed!


    Not sure what your question exactly is, as in which feature you are referring to.

    I would assume that the “Custom Styles” capability is the one you are talking about. It is really a simple concept – a means to override the styles of the theme without changing any of the files of the theme. Given the frequency of new features in Suffusion, users might want to upgrade whenever a new feature is available. In such a case it helps users if they don’t have to worry about porting CSS changes from the old version to the new.


Viewing 7 replies - 1 through 7 (of 7 total)
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