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[Resolved] Remembering User/Visitor Information (for form input)

  • I have a site in which visitors will use a form (fairly often) to submit personal data — some of which will most likely stay the same (name, address, phone numbers, etc.) and some of which will change each time.

    Does anyone know a way to have the form remember specific information for a user & auto-populate the fields that are usually consistent (name, address, etc.)?

    I know that cookies can be utilized for this purpose; but I don’t know how to integrate them within a WordPress site (where we could take advantage of the WordPress user system). For that matter, I wouldn’t know how to employ cookies in this fashion on their own…

    Thanks for the help!

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  • If you’re using wordpress user accounts, then you don’t need cookies to pull user information into fields… but you will need a little experience with forms, and tiny amount of php.

    Check this page on how to extract information on your users.

    if you want input to be remembered for non-users, the way comments are… then that’s really beyond the scope of wordpress support, as it has everything to do with cookies, and nothing at all to do with wordpress.

    That entire system will live in your theme and have no interaction whatsoever with the wordpress software.

    There are many resources you can google on setting cookies and using them in forms, and while none of them are related to wordpress, neither is your task, really – if you go the cookie route.

Viewing 1 replies (of 1 total)
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