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  • Ever since my effortless upgrade to 2.0 this week, the lovely “remember me” option when I log into my site…doesn’t. Every time I want to post something, log in again. Every time I change pages of posts from the “manage” tab, log in again. It is getting tedious; even with the login info being saved by Firefox to minimize the headache, I have to hit an extra button all too frequently.

    Is there a permission thing I need to change locally or on my server?

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  • Does the problem occur in different browsers?

    Make sure your cookies is enabled for your browser, delete all of the cookies previously stored (or just the ones come from your site) and try again.

    @alphaoide and AndySocial, most of the time, even if you keep your cookies stored and don’t remove them, it should remember you regardless. I have been booted off number of times with my crappy ISP Juno. Logged back on, and go to my Control Panel for the blog, and get right in there without problems.

    Even though you click or put a check mark in the “remember me” box….it might not in fact remember you persay all the time. But it should if you’re not deleting the cookies all the time and what not. I haven’t deleted my cookies in awhile.

    Sometimes it don’t remember me persay, on my blog, but sometimes it does. I dunno why it’s picky here and there, but maybe it just needs a smack up side the head or some beer or something lmaO!… But yeah, most of the time it remembers me, sometimes it don’t, and don’t feel bad.

    It’s prolly just some memory loss or something, which could prolly be fixed with some meds lmaO! Naa..jk around. Don’t worry about too much…


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    I hate that I have to report this, but it seems to not remember me in Firefox, but remembers me just fine in IE. Oh, the horror.

    I tried clearing all cookies and other history, and yet – still forgets me every time. When I look at my cookies in Firefox, there are a couple from my WordPress installation, named WordPressUser and WordPressPass.

    I’ve even tried using different themes (my norm is Neuron), and the same result. In IE, my blog remembers me; in Firefox it doesn’t. Other sites remember me just fine (although I now have to re-set them all after nuking my cookies).

    Is it possible that WordPress 2.0 stores cookies differently than previous versions (which clearing cookies should fix) or isn’t looking in the right place for that cookie?

    You can count me as another who’s suffering from this…but IE doesn’t work either.

    Neither IE nor Firefox remembers me. I’ve deleted the cookies to no effect.

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    So, I guess the consensus is “several people have this behavior, and nobody cares.” Got it.

    Me too

    Maybe this is an “old theme vs. new theme” issue.

    I *did* create a ‘hotbutton’ that got me to the editor faster, but notice that it only remembered my login when I used an ‘admin’ login, or “” instead of “”.

    By switching the link from /wp-login.php (the file) to /wp-admin/ (the directory), now everything seems to work. Can anyone back this up with official documentation or anything?

    I care! I don’t have any idea how to fix it, but I care!

    Happening to me too. Never remembers me in FF. Never had this issue before 2.0

    TheCrystalLich’s solution works for me: “by switching the link from /wp-login.php (the file) to /wp-admin/ (the directory), now everything seems to work”

    Thanks! 🙂

    I’m having this problem too, in both Firefox and IE, regardless of what theme I’m using. It worked fine until I upgraded to 2.0. To make sure it wasn’t something wonky with the upgrade I installed it elsewhere and it does the same there too.

    A quick test of going to /wp-admin/ instead of wp-login.php has seemed to work for me too.

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