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  • Listen up. Generation X Cringes When You Add Extra Clicks For NO REASON. Just Stop It! All of tech is on a huge downward slide and Gutenberg is the quintessential representation of all that is wrong with the stinking pile of poo that is tech. So many UI redesigns are ruined because now, for no reason, instead of clicking elegantly just once, you are now required to perform extra clicks to accomplish the same tasks. Gutenberg’s interface is, sadly, not a practical joke even though it really, really seems like it absolutely must be. I keep hoping WordPress will own it and just apologize to the world. But it looks like they are not cool enough to humble themselves and admit their error. So, after building hundreds of WordPress websites, we now, sadly, can no long recommend WordPress to anyone.

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    Hey @worldlightmedia thanks for taking the time to leave a review. For what it is worth, all the work that goes into Gutenberg is aimed to make things better for the majority of users – so feedback is always useful.

    In terms of multiple clicks taken to perform functions – do you have some specific examples to highlight?

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    The best example is when publishing or updating the post. Before Gutenberg, it was one simple click to perform the action. And the UI design made it clear where the button was by making it nice and blue. Now, it’s not intuitive where to find it. And you have to click twice, which is bad.

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    Hi @worldlightmedia!

    I’m not sure if I fully understand about not being highlighted. Using your example as a reference, I see it is pretty highlighted (still blue at the top of the screen):
    Full Size:

    Still, I see your point about clicking twice. One detail about it: Not sure if you saw the workflow for updating the content, but you only have to click twice while Publishing.

    If you only want to update the content, clicking “Update” is enough.

    If you have other examples, feel free to share here, so we can possibly create an issue.

    I agree! This also applies to recent updates to the Site Editor.

    A couple WordPress versions back, editing a page template or template part took only a couple clicks before you could begin editing the blocks. With recent updates, template parts have been moved under the “Patterns” tab in the editor — which makes zero sense, and requires extra digging and clicks. Additionally, extra clicks are now required to begin editing templates and parts. It’s taking double the amount of clicks to achieve a task that could have been achieved in half the clicks a few versions back. This is not the right direction!

    As a WordPress designer and developer for over 15 years, and as a provider of customer support for the products I build, I can’t express how maddening it is to provide instructions to our customers for editing their template, only to have those instructions be entirely obsolete a few weeks later when another update to the editor is dropped. Pick a lane.

    I keep thinking, “They got this! They’ll flush out these issues and improve the WordPress experience.” And I keep getting proved wrong.

    Keep it simple. Less is more. Make it intuitive. These design mantras seem to have escaped much of the Gutenberg development process. We are 5+ years into Gutenberg, and it still seems like a beta version.

    I understand that software must evolve. Sometimes you must break things to fix them. But it feels like a lot of breaking, and not a lot of fixing.

    I am not against Gutenberg as a whole. I think it’s a necessary evolution. However, the user experience should be more flushed out and tested before updates are pushed. The changes to the experience are sometimes drastic, requiring users to re-learn the editor after each update. And often, there is no documentation outlining the new changes.

    I’ve been a WordPress fan, supporter, contributor, volunteer, WordCamp organizer, WordPress meetup host, and long-time WordPress business owner. It has taken a lot to shake my faith in the platform, but even I’ve got 1 foot out the door.

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    I totally see your point, @itsdavidmorgan.

    The editor definitely has a lot to improve — especially as it was only introduced a few years ago. 🙂

    If you have some time to share more specific feedback, I would highly appreciate you share it on the repo about specific issues:

    @worldlightmedia 100% times 1,000,000. This thing is beyond terrible. Everything about it. Tried my best to like it by forcing myself finally over the last few years to use it, but it is the same as day one – an experience of absolute futility. For example, just trying to change a heading to an h3, now takes like 2 or 3 clicks, lol. Huh? It used to be a simple click and release. I am surprised nobody got fired over this monstrosity.

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