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  • Hi,
    Let me say that this plugin is what i was looking for 🙂 thanx for the author for his idea and efforts.

    after testing i have some notices :
    i’m using wamp as a test environment

    1 – the carousel does not work for both fade and slide options, it just moving about 10 pixels (hazy) without getting the next slides group, and i made the test on 2 columns (among 4 pages posts) so the next 2 doesn’t show ever except from the 10 pix i mentioned.

    2 – there is no colored box’s containers to put this carousel into it and i hope to put round corners options with it.

    3 – putting title for each box say ‘politics’, ‘economy’ etc.

    4 – pages heading comes under the images then the contents not like the help images you put as example, and i hope to put options for how the block or the box content appears e.g the images at left,right, middle and the text or headers at the sides or the bottom or top

    5 – considering RTL languages because the post written into RTL and it shows as LTR

    6 – putting vertical carousel for the widget

    7 – selecting custom posts or pages by the ID’s separated by commas
    and this is very very very important as a news site, but don’t put it at the premium version 🙂

    thank you for this nice plugin as a post and widget content management

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  • Plugin Author ydubois


    @hesham: thanks for taking the time to write down all these useful remarks. We will take them into account in future developments. Please hang on for sson-to come additional themes and customization features.

    Plugin Author ydubois


    @hesham : version 0.2 of the plugin allows you to display a title for each Frontpage News box. When putting the box inside a sidebar widget, your theme’s widget styling will be applied.

    @ydubois : very nice to rename the news title to Frontpage news blocks because these blocks are the core of this plugin.

    If you please let me put this plugin under test until it fullfills the minimum requirements for a news site.

    1 – content source tab:

    – read all categories to choose from, not just “all” with a solely
    checkbox, and remember that categories blocks doesn’t need to be
    ordered by date for every category simply because almost all
    categories will be constant at the frontpage and has the same
    ordering in the menu bar, but in case of that someone want to
    change it you can add a new type of ordering by serial no in a
    drop-down list so i can put the economy block before politics
    or as i wish, (hint: forget about pages as a selection right now)

    – also a second part to add, is a field for posts ID’s so inside
    each block if i choosed from “display and theme” tab No. of
    posts to display in each block, that become the current
    selection not the date ordering for posts inside that block.

    – the above part is the main content area not a sidebar widget

    also i’d like to know what do you mean by the phrase “Number of pages with arts

    this is the minimum start for this plugin to put it into an action otherwise a few will be interested, it is better to develop and concentrate in one plugin with a perfect idea like yours than making many plugins with a poor idea to get just a few thousands to download.

    En passant, j’ai eu Commodore 64 trop quand j’étais jeune garçon, il a un chargeur de bande pour le chargement des jeux à partir d’une cassette sonore, que l’ordinateur personnel que je me souvienne dispose d’un processeur très puissant à ce moment :), ces jours-ci est mon plus beau jour.

    Plugin Author ydubois


    Number of pages with arts means “Number of pages with articles”, or rather posts. We will change that text in the next version because it is indeed unclear. Some of the features you suggested will be available in the pro add-on, that can now be found here:

    Dear Dubois,

    well, your idea about frontpage news blocks encouraged me to build my own theme 🙂 but i choose Joomla, because it will gives me more control over contents specially with different pages, actually i designed three different pages :

    1 – frontpage with category blocks
    2 – category page (in case i choose it either from menu or the block tab)
    3 – finally the single post page

    i finshed two of them working with the last one

    also i put variant jquery carousel and sliders in each block
    a close example for what i’m saying in this Arabic newspaper website
    and you will notice that each block at the frontpage has a different style , that is what i was talking about.

    thank you and i’ll follow up your plugin, till now you didn’t add different category selection and no id post selector for each block and no serial no. to reorder block sequence at the page
    thank you and good luck 🙂

Viewing 6 replies - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)
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