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  • This plugin’s simple and easy-to-use drag and drop interface allows you to very quickly and conveniently organise the order and hierarchy (parent and child pages) of your pages.

    It doesn’t replace the default WordPress page manager like other page manager plugins allowing the user true flexibility and control and the option to interchange between the two.

    Unlike the Advanced Page Manager plugin (which is no longer supported), removed pages default to trash rather than being deleted permanently.

    It would be nice to see a video of use of the plugin for first-time users. The placement of child pages wasn’t obvious to me from the interface. When placing a page above or beneath a page (when dragging) the grey arrow that appears in conjunction with the green tick icon is a pretty obvious inference of the placement of the page. However, when placing a page as a child page of another page (when dragging), I feel the inference of the resultant drop action could be better illustrated by differentiating it. Rather than dropping the page into the new parent page (inferred by a grey arrow on the page rather than above or beneath it) I feel it would make for better UX if the grey arrow appeared beneath the intended parent but it should be indented. I.e. Exactly as it behaves when a page already has child pages. Very simply put, the behavior of the grey arrow that infers placement of the child page is visually inconsistent when a) a page already has child pages and b) a page doesn’t have child pages. To put it even more simply, there should never be an instance where the grey arrow is on the page and instead, should only appear above, below, or indented below. In this fashion, the UX is obvious in its consistency. Think of how the default WordPress menu creator works. Links are dragged above, below or indented below a link but never into a link.

    Beyond this minor recommendation, I’m happy to rate this plugin a full five stars and implement across all my sites as a replacement for the Advanced Page Manager I was previously using.

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