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  • Okay, my problems continue. I am still getting a kind of doubling, but no Read More and/or no link to full item.
    All testing was with WP 3.5.1, Relevanssi 3.1.4; end of the excerpt (“incomes,”) is shown:
    a. with Theme TwentyTen 1.5 — incomes,… Continue reading →
    [a link to the full item under “Continue reading”]
    b. with Theme TwentyTwelve 1.1 — incomes,… [no link]
    c. with Theme Atahualpa 3.7.11 — incomes, . . . →… . . . →
    [no link; the group “. . . →” is defined in theme option “Configure Excerpts”]
    d. like (c) above, but with the double-resistant code suggested previously by member infrcl (.search-results p span:last-child { display: none; } inserted in theme CSS additions — incomes, . . . →…

    So, I can control the doubling with member infrcl’s code, but how can I get back “Read More:” + link? Can anyone use this information to tell where in the various code modules these pieces are being inserted?

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  • I’m sorry, but I do not know the answer to this.

    (Also, for future reference, I don’t see support threads, unless they are posted to Relevanssi support forums.)

    Okay, I’m glad to know that. I didn’t realize there was a separate forum. I’ll repost there.
    Can you tell me what themes you are actively supporting for Relevanssi, and I’ll test with that one to try and localize the difficulty.


    I don’t actively support any themes.

    Then under what circumstances (that is, what kind of problem) do you offer support? Relevanssi is currently not working for me — how can I fix it?

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