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    I’m using Relevanssi (free version) and WP All Import Pro. New versions starting from 4.8.0 are slowing import several times.

    I was testing the import in two sites (live site and test site) and the final results are:

    Relevanssi turned off: import 100 products 1:40 min
    Relevanssi v import 100 products 2:04 min
    Relevanssi v 4.8.0 and newer: import 20 products 2:33 min, then I’ve canceled import.

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  • Plugin Author Mikko Saari


    Try replacing the /lib/indexing.php file in Relevanssi with this file:

    I think this should get Relevanssi 4.8 closer to the import times of Relevanssi 4.7.

    There were some changes made in 4.8 that should’ve made things easier on the database and server, but looks like in some cases – like imports and other mass manipulation of posts – it has just made things worse.



    Hi –

    Will this issue be addressed in an upcoming release? I’m noticing slow import times with WP All Import after the update to Relevanssi 4.8 as well.

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    Plugin Author Mikko Saari


    Yes, this is the main issue the next version will fix. Does the new version of /lib/indexing.php fix this problem for you?

    Thread Starter jaak69


    Right now have downgraded to 4.7 version and this works OK, but I’ll give it try.

    Hi Mikko,

    just for your information – I’m using Relevanssi Premium 2.10.1 and the plugin WordPress Importer for importing content. I had same problem with slow imports which ended up in timeouts sometimes.
    Replacing /lib/indexing.php fixes the problem for me.

    Plugin Author Mikko Saari


    The process is the same in free and Premium, so yeah, this would apply to both versions. Good to know that the replacement file fixes the problem, the next version (2.10.2 in Premium, 4.8.2 in free) will fix this issue – maybe this week, maybe next week.

    I did a test with the updated lib/index.php. The differences in import time were significant. I imported 100 posts with WP All Import and here is what I noticed:

    • Using the index.php that comes in Relevanssi 4.8.2 the total import time took 3:43 which is very slow, but it did automatically build the Relevanssi index during the import. You can see it happening if you refresh the state of the Relevanssi index.
    • Using the replacement index.php took only 13 seconds, but the relevanssi index did not automatically build.

    Update: I just noticed a bug with the replacement index.php. If I manually delete a post and then refresh the index page, it doesn’t update. Even if I manually rebuild the index, it still shows the incorrect values.

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    Plugin Author Mikko Saari


    The new file does not change how indexing works. All it changes is that the document count is not updated. The new posts should still be indexed, the count is just wrong. It turns out counting the number of documents is, for some reason, too slow.

    So yes, the document count in the Relevanssi indexing page should be wrong with the new file, but the imported documents should still be indexed (unless something else disables Relevanssi indexing). So please check if you can search for something in the imported documents, that should be successful.

    The new version will update the count once per week, after a complete database reindex and there will also be a “update the count now” link next to the state of the index.

    Hi Mikko –

    For some reason the WP support forum hasn’t been notifying me of replies, otherwise I would’ve replied sooner. I just purchased the premium version a couple of days ago, so I’ll be going through the premium support moving forward.

    I did a test with the updated /lib/indexing.php file and yes, I was able to search/find the documents through Relevanssi just fine even though the count hadn’t updated.

    I’m glad to know there will be an ‘update the count now’ link.


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