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  • Hi guys, I am back with a new plugin, called WP-Ban. This plugin allows you to ban users from your site by IP or Host Name. So if you want to ban users from your local host, you can always to this: 192.168.1.* or you want to ban a certain country to visit your blog, for example Singapore, under the host name column, just type *.sg.

    Download: WP-Ban 1.00 Beta
    Screenshot: Ban Options Screen

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  • Awesome! I’ll try this one once.. Thanks a million GamerZ! =)


    np, brother spencerp!

    Lmao! You’re awesome brother GamerZ!


    This is great! I’ll try this myself! I’ve been waiting for this kind of plugin!

    Thank you so much!

    meowminx: let me know if u encounter any problems =D

    I just implemented – I have a couple IP ranges that are giving me a lot of comment spam and I got tired of the 20 alerts a week I’d get about needing to moderate them. I’ll let you know how it turns out. So far, so good. And it was easy to implement.

    Gamerz makes cool plugins. I want to make some enemies now, just so I can put the BAN on them. Try me!!

    One strange problem I encountered testing this plugin: after I ban an IP, that IP can still view the frontend of my site. The only place they seem to be banned from the Login/Register. Is this supposed to happen? Because that defeats the purpose…

    I can’t download this from here. (It’s the terminal, not you.) Does it store the information in the database or the htaccess file.

    I’m just wondering since it’s a much requested over in WPMu land…


    Dgold: Thanks for the compliments =D

    viitoria: Nope, it will ban that guy throughout the whole wordpress site, I tested and it work on my localhost (even using wildcard). Can you confirmed this? Because I think it is a serious bug if it is the case.

    drmike: You cant download from this site because it is out of the beta phrase. I am in the processof changing host, thus you have to wait till tomorrow to download it off my site.

    It stores information in the database, under wp_options table

    Hello there mate.
    I have implement it to my blog because i’ve got big time problem with one that spams all the time….
    I wait to see him doing it again so i will try to “punished him”…
    I will let you know…

    Hi plimper, sure thing, Thanks =)

    Please take care with this plugin – It would appear that my (dynamic) IP has been ‘banned’ from a site and now I cannot reach the administrator to let him know as any link below the top level simply returns ‘You are banned.’ It’s most frustrating from a reader’s perspective

    yea, you must be extra careful with the wildcards, I am still deciding on how to let the admin unbanned themselves.

    okie i have fixed that ‘bug’ It is now impossible to ban the main admin (username: admin). The regex will match every ip and hostname to ensure that the wildcard will not include the admin ip/hostname.

    Just re download the zip from my main site.

Viewing 15 replies - 1 through 15 (of 15 total)
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