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  • Plugin Author Franky


    Long overdue, but finally it’s there: the new release with some new features, shortcodes and some bugfixes.
    From the changelog:

    * Feature: added #_HTML5_PHONE and #__HTML5_EMAIL to indicate you want the html5 input type field for phone and/or email
    So you can use e.g. #_HTML5_PHONE or #REQ_HTML5_PHONE and the result will be: the html5 tel-type field for phone, and required if #REQ used.
    Other html5 input types will be added.
    * Feature: events_if4, events_if5 and events_if6 added
    * Feature: support wp_mail as a method of sending mail, allowing other plugins to work on the mail as well via the existing wp_mail hooks and filters
    * Feature: added placeholder #_LINKEDCATEGORIES: creates a link per category for the corresponding event, linking to a list of future events for that category
    * Feature: new option ‘title’ for the shortcode events_rss_link, so the title can be given a specific name
    * Feature: you can now exclude categories in the widget list and calendar as well, and in the regular shortcode events_calendar also with the new option ‘notcategory’
    * Feature: events_ical_link shortcode now also supports the options scope (default: future), author, contact_person and notcategory
    * Feature: added placeholder #_EVENTIMAGETHUMB, to show a thumbnail of a featured image, so you can e.g. show a thumbnail of a featured image instead of the whole image. The size can be choosen in the EME settings (panel ‘Other’), by default it is ‘thumbnail’ size.
    * Feature: added placeholder #_EVENTIMAGETHUMBURL, to get just the url to the thumbnail. Also added #_LOCATIONIMAGETHUMB and #_LOCATIONIMAGETHUMBURL
    * Improvement: mail sending is by default enabled for new installations
    * Improvement: upon auto-update, the DB version of EME is now also checked and a DB update is done if needed
    * Improvement: the ‘No events’ message now also has a div surrounding it, with div-id ‘events-no-events’
    * Improvement: extra plugin events-made-easy-frontend-submit now also uses AM/PM or 24 hours notation based on site preferences
    * Bugfix: html encapsulated in RSS feed was needlessly escaped inside a CDATA section
    * Bugfix: multiprice bookings were reset to “1” if the first booking was 0 upon approval
    * Bugfix: default selected town was always the first town when using [events_filterform]
    * Bugfix: make sure the correct scheme is used for admin_url
    * Bugfix: the generated ical link didn’t take the author or contact person into account
    * Bugfix: the calendar links now take into account all options for contact person, categories etc …
    * Bugfix: fix class warnings in extra plugin events-made-easy-frontend-submit
    * Bugfix: the featured image for locations was not retained after you re-edit and save the location without changing the image
    * Bugfix: url-encoded strings in the format argument of the [events_list] shortcode were not being interpreted
    * Bugfix: remove use of deprecated wordpress functions get_userdatabylogin and wpdb::escape

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