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  • Plugin Author Franky


    From the changelog:

    * Feature: new placeholder #_RESPSPACESxx for bookings, to indicate the bookings per price for multiprice events
    * Feature: new placeholders #_BOOKINGCREATIONTIME and #_BOOKINGMODIFTIME for bookings list
    * Feature: ability to use attributes and conditional tags in registration form added
    * Feature: added conditional tag #_IS_MULTIPRICE
    * Feature: location_id argument in shortcodes now supports ‘none’ to indicate no location
    * Feature: query string eme_town (+SEO) has been added, so only events for a specific town are shown. Not really sure how I’ll use it, but it’s there …
    * Improvement: updated Italian translation, tx to Antonio Venneri
    * Improvement: updated German translation, tx to Daniel Rohde-Kage
    * Improvement: every column in the print preview for bookings now has a class, so you can CSS style it
    * Change: placeholders #_RESPSPACES and #_RESPCOMMENT now preferred for bookings
    * Bugfix: the ‘Booking recorded html Format’ setting for a single event was not being saved
    * Bugfix: the div for a required field should have a class, not an id
    * Bugfix: don’t show a link to a month without events (occured if on the last day of the month an event was booked)
    * Bugfix: better sanitize RSS feed by using CDATA

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