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  • So after having the version from Garett sit on my computer for like a month, I’ve finally combed through it, fixed some final bugs, added a few more little features, worried for a week or two if I had missed anything, and now released WeatherIcon v2.3.1. This version is pretty much entirely bug fixes with a few new trivial features.

    Go download it now! It’s really recommended that you update. 🙂

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  • *sigh* Love to download it, but I’m getting a “precondition failed” page…. could you fix that?

    Btw, I’m not using a proxy server, I have FF, and I’m not using an accelerator with FF.

    Hmmm. I just redid my connection (so a different IP) – but it still wouldn’t allow GetRight to grab it. BAD idea – I’m on the world’s slowest dialup, your 734kb will take me 15 minutes to get, and if it gets dropped in the middle for some reason, NOW I can’t restart it – because you’ve managed to disable a perfectly normal download manager.

    NOT appreciated. It’s a great plugin, thanks for the updated version, but the rest of it SUCKS.

    [I’m not using a UA switcher EITHER.]

    Precondition failed = Bad Behavior blocking you.

    And use the direct URL for your download manager:

    go.php?… is just a bouncer to count downloads.

    Nice. Except where would I have got the direct download link? That’s not what you posted…. nor is that the link from the page to which the link you posted leads. Regardless, I’ve got it now.

    [There’s NO REASON for BB to block my connection. If you’re going to provide mods etc. for a major piece of software such as WP, you should NOT have something like BB in the way of your potential users. This plugin is maybe the only one I would actually PAY for – but NOT if you do this sort of stupid crap around the download!

    Otherwise, you can just post the direct link, ain’t?]

    First, there is no need to get bitchy. I understand you’re frustrated about BB blocking you and as am I. However, if I didn’t have it, the 8,000 to 15,000 bots (+ the occasional real person it seems) it blocks a week would just get onto my blog and spam my contact form, use my bandwidth, and post spam comments.

    Anyway, once again, sorry, and I’ve upgraded to the latest version (I was a version behind). Are you still being blocked? If so, please either post or e-mail me (viper at viper007bond dot com) your IP address and I’ll look to see why you were blocked. Again, this is unacceptable to me as well and I’d really like to get it fixed. 🙂

    Edit: Oh, and I’ve now posted a core files package only on the downloads page for people on 56k. 🙂

    EXTREMELY frustrating, and I AM a bitch 9 times out of 10, sorry…. It’s horribly painful to hit this sort of dreck when one has to deal with dialup to begin with – anything which stonewalls the process….

    Not blocked on this connect – but was on the previous one. I don’t normally check winipcfg, so I don’t know what IPs I was connected through when. I use allvantage, and in the last 6 months, yours is the only site where I’ve had the problem.

    *shrug* Next time you post an update, I’ll just email you for a direct link. Hopefully anyone else with the problem will think to use the search facility.

    Odd, I’m using the standard BB package off ioerror’s site. :/

    Woo hoo! Installed, and working – thanks.

    One suggestion – nice option to show the time the data was collected, but displaying in in local time rather than PST would probably be more useful to most people.

    If I can make my brain work, I’ll have a look to see how you’re doing it.

    I believe the timezone used is that of your server. When it’s cached, the local time is recorded and then displayed using a format that spits out the timezone and such.

Viewing 9 replies - 1 through 9 (of 9 total)
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