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  • Plugin Author Rob La Gatta


    Modern Tribe Support

    Hey folks! Hope everyone is having a great week. Just a heads up that we pushed out version 3.4 of The Events Calendar last night. Here’s what it includes:

    • Complete overhaul and update to new fork of datepicker for all views! Corrects day 31 empty next month bug and adds many new features for future expansion (Thanks to Eric on the forums for the first report on this!)
    • Fixed a bug where past events were listed in the incorrect order (Thanks to Alastair on the forums for reporting this one!)
    • Number of events that can be imported from CSV in a single batch is now customizable to help avoid timeouts in low powered environments (Thanks to baynature on the forums for the original report here!)
    • General compatibility improvements to ensure better integration with WP e-Commerce
    • Fixed bug with display of comments for single event pages (Thanks to John on the forums for reporting this bug!)
    • Fixed issue with tribe_create_venue() API function, resulting in unnamed venues (Thanks to Oliver for the original report of this!)
    • Fixes bug leading to list widget linking to deactivated views
    • Added hooks for use in widgets (Thanks to Andy Fragen for the request on this one!)
    • Added styles for compatibility with the Twenty Fourteen theme
    • Fixed typo in the rel attribute on “Previous Events” links (thanks to Nate on the forums for his report!)
    • When the List Widget is set to display events from a particular category, the “View All Events” link will now read “View All Events in Category” (Thanks to WCKG on our UserVoice page for requesting this tweak!)
    • Fixed an SQL error that could occur when our queries are mixed with multiple post types and a meta query (Thanks to karen on the forums for the heads up here!)
    • Classes that identify the current theme are now echoed by the body_class() function
    • Addressed an issue where the admin CSS was referencing non-existent images (thanks to geoz on the dot-org forum for the report here!)
    • Fixed a few broken/outdated links on the Help page
    • Tweaked the update notice prompts that display to appear more consistently in certain environments
    • Updated the admin icon to use a dashicon in 3.8+

    Let us know if you encounter any issues with the new codebase! Remember: if you find 404s occurring after activation, flushing your permalinks should resolve those. Thanks again to everyone for their support so far.

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  • I noticed that the POT files are still from version 3.2 (also in the files that are recommended on this page, for the latest version).

    To fix/add some things in the Dutch translation, I have created a new POT file from the current version of the plugin (3.4.1) and updated the existing .po from it.

    Where could I send my translation files (I’ll add the missing translations) when finished with it, so you can add it to the repo? (I don’t have an active license, so can not reply in the dedicated forum).

    Hi, I upgraded to 3.4.1 earlier this week, and now my events calendar doesn’t go to the second page of listings when I press the “next events” button…the page reloads, but it reloads the same page, not the next one. I haven’t had this problem with any earlier version of The Events Calendar. Any ideas?

    I love Tribe TEC and thanks for these updates. I would like the basic or even a mid-level paid version that adds more functionality that doesn’t get into ticketing and event management side of the paid version. I have tried to use the paid version that includes all these things and community add-on, but these upgrades are huge resource hogs that severely impact page load times. Recurring events, ability to integrate event and normal categories, and ability to toggle individual events into normal loop would be a good start. I’d pay good money for that.

    Plugin Author Barry


    Thanks for posting everyone:

    @worldview: thanks for the feedback – I’m sorry you found PRO to be problematic. At this time however we have no plans to introduce an additional “PRO lite” plugin, but we welcome any feedback you might provide and any suggestions for improvement.


    The new version of The Events Calendar doesn’t work: everything ok for the events page but when I click on the individual event goes into loop and crashes. What can I do?

    Thank you

    I found and solved the problem with The Events Calendar on my own: Advanced Permalinks contrasted with the plugin. I’ve Off Advanced Permalinks and everything works fine.


    Plugin Author Barry


    Great – glad you figured it out, Manuela: please do remember to create new threads though for separate problems – thanks!

    hello, since adding the facebook events plugin from my google maps no longer display. it just shows a blank square.

    Plugin Author Barry



    Please remember that it is generally best to create a new thread for specific issues you might be facing, as described in the forum welcome.

    In this case though we can’t really help here as Facebook Events is regarded as a commercial plugin – so the appropriate place to seek help is over here.


    i am french. Your Plugin is very nice, but for you french people the date in the list is not good “mars 9 @ 8h00” we say “9 mars à 8h00” can we change this with parameters ? My english is not so good… It’s clear.
    Thanks for your response…

    Plugin Contributor leahkoerper


    Hi chimel49,

    This forum thread might be helpful for you 🙂


    yes thanks, it is OK to change @ in at (ou à in french).
    But how i can change the format of date in french format…
    Not March 8 but 8 mars…
    I don’t know php…
    Thanaks for your help

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