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  • Plugin Author Rob La Gatta


    Hey folks! Just a heads up that we’ve released The Events Calendar 3.3, our final maintenance build for 2013. What’s included? Funny you should ask:

    • Improved support for international date formats (big props to jeroenjoosen on the forums for the original report on this!)
    • Localization improvements for displaying the event cost field (thanks to mastafu on the forums for the heads up!)
    • List view will now link to a page of previous events if there are indeed previous events to show (props to oceanfilm on the forums for pointing this out!)
    • Fixed an issue with empty category views that could result in a fatal error (thanks to mastafu on the forums for this one, too!)
    • Fixed an issue where titles for single events were empty in some installations
    • Fixes for the tribe_get_the_day_link_date() function (thanks to @nathanielks on Twitter for catching + patching this one for us!)
    • Fixed admin menu highlighting when editing tags for events
    • Google maps will now be included properly on pages with https URLs (thanks to bmitchellini on the forums for the first report here!)
    • Tag queries that don’t specify a post type will no longer be modified to be an events query (thanks to Jason on the forums for reporting this first!)
    • Fixed an issue that caused some events not to show on month view when viewing a category (thanks to yorkshiretots on the forum for catching this!)
    • All day events are now saved with a start/end time that is determined by the end of day cutoff. This fix will not modify previously created all day events (thanks to wallyglenn on the forums for spotting this!)
    • Fixed a lot of strings that were not getting included in our language files and updated our POT file
    • Removed an invalid iCal link from the markup to prevent it being indexed by search engines (Thanks to Kevin Lisota for the original report!)
    • Fixed an XSS vulnerability in the Tribe Bar (Mega props to Yasser Khan and Chuck Tsang for the research and responsible disclosure!)
    • Implemented performance improvements in some queries for large amounts of data
    • Fixed a bug that was making our date pickers ignore the start-of-the-week setting in WordPress core (thanks to Katarina for the original report!)
    • Added CSS classes to the list widget events (thanks to Andy Fragen for requesting these!)
    • Fixed some small CSS bugs
    • Incorporated updated German translation files, courtesy of Oliver Heinrich
    • Incorporated updated French translation files, courtesy of Bastien BC

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