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    Well, the day is finally here: The Events Calendar 3.0is live! Thanks to everyone for their patience as we worked to get this finalized (and missed a few self-imposed deadlines along the way). This is a HUGE release – so big that we’ve started the changelog over from scratch.

    Because of the update’s size, please also make sure you’re considering this when updating your site. You’re going to want to:

    1. Back up your site entirely before beginning the process.
    2. Update The Events Calendar to 2.0.11 (the last stable release) before making the jump to 3.0.
    3. Not seeing the update prompt at the backend of your site? Don’t worry: you can force it to check manually by navigating to Dashboard -> Updates, and hitting “Check Again.” You may need to hit it a few times – but eventually, you’ll see messaging confirming that the updates are ready to install.
    4. If you’re also running The Events Calendar PRO, it’s important that you update the core The Events Calendar to 3.0 BEFORE updating PRO to 3.0.

    One last point: since this is such a huge release, there are bound to be bugs. We QA’d the heck out of 3.0 but there’s no way to test every single use case – so we’re looking to you guys to report issues. The release of 3.0 marks the return to our monthly maintenance release schedule, so we’ll be releasing maintenance builds to patch bugs frequently over the coming weeks/months. Please post your issues in separate, new threads (rather than as comments in this one).

    Thanks again to everyone for their patience so far. We look forward to hearing your feedback and making this plugin better and better with each impending dot-release.

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  • Hi,
    First of all, I really love Your plugin.

    I installed the 3.0 and everything is fine, except one thing: in the Event listing in a widget, the event title link doesn’t get the direct link to the event single page.
    I found the file and the code which responsible for that (list-widget.php, <?php tribe_get_event_link(); ?>) but honestly I’m not a programmer, so could You help me with the solution?


    I love this plugin, and have been using it for several years. The update is presenting a problem, though, as my primary widget/sidebar area does not fit with the new calendar width. It is now bumped below the calendar. I’ve tried the various templates and none work – the calendar width is just a few pixels too wide for me. How do I adjust this width?

    It is very nice plugin. But….
    after the update i have trouble with the widget.
    The event-link make a reload of the page.
    Another problem: In the calender list, I can’t click to the next events.

    Where can I download the 2.011?
    And can I do it easy?

    Sorry,my german is much better than my english!

    I just noticed another potential issue, though I am not sure if it is related to this release. When I use the “insert link” button while editing a post, and select the “link to existing content” option, the scrolling list of links in the dialogue box will now ONLY list events. It does not display pages or posts any more, even when I search on specific topics.

    Plugin Author Rob La Gatta


    Modern Tribe Support

    Hey guys! Thanks to you all for updating to the new release, and for sharing your feedback here. We are definitely around today and in the coming days to help get bugs addressed for people. But mind doing me a favor and logging these issues as separate threads, so I can assign each to a support member and we can work through them in as timely a fashion as possible?

    From a high-level, though, I did want to reply to some of these points:

    indijanmac: Interesting; I’m not seeing this locally but I want to try and get it sorted for you. Based on that code you provided there, Jonah from our team (who is more dev-minded than myself and generally manages this forum) should be able to point you in the right direction. If there is a bug in the code, or anything we can do to optimize this behavior, we’ll release it in our next maintenance build – which we’re already working on and will have out soon.

    Dave: For your first issue, have you tried going into the Display tab and switching to a different events template, either one of the two pre-defined by the plugin or any of the other options your theme contains? Let us know when posting your thread on that if my possible solution had any bearing. The second issue you noted is a good find and we’re aware of it; that should be patched in the forthcoming 3.0.2 release.

    Pollig: from the sounds of it, looks like from the looks of it there’s some sort of an AJAX issue. You might want to try clearing your caches, as they resolved a somewhat related problem for this user ( Let us know in your new thread if that doesn’t do the trick…and in the interim, 2.0.11 can be downloaded under the “Other Versions” section here:

    Let’s keep any further discussion going in separate, independent threads. Thanks again for your support and patience so far.

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