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  • I’ve just released my Gentle Calm theme.

    Gentle Calm is a clean, relaxing theme based on a design originally intended for private use. One thing to note is that rather than a fixed width, pixel based design, this theme is a liquid layout and uses em’s instead of px’s for placement.

    You can download it at the official theme page.

    Let me know how it fares.

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  • It perfectly deserves its name! Very nice.

    Are those CSS curvey corners in comments. ? Nice coding all round 🙂

    Thanks for the kind comments!

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    very nice! congrats!

    It’s now also viewable on Alex King’s WP theme page.

    I’ve tested it with Firefox/IE but I’m interested in finding out how it looks on other browsers such as Safari and Opera. I’d also welcome any feedback on how it looks on different resolutions. Thanks.


    That’s really nice. Made me want to put my head on my desk and go to sleep!


    >Made me want to put my head on my desk and go to sleep!
    It’s usually my writing that puts people to sleep; now I’m proud to say that my designs do it just as well:-)

    Looks good in Safari and Opera (Mac). Pretty messed up in IE (Mac) but it’s fine since nobody uses it.
    Nice looking theme!

    I’ve made a bug fix to the theme for when there are no comments. There was an oversight before which meant that the comment div wasn’t opened leading to the sidebar being ‘pushed down’ the page.

    The updated code is available from my theme page but will still be present on Alex King’s WP theme contest.

    I have a question about Gentle Calm. I love the way it streches full screen, but the actual posts themselves still have their width constrained right?

    Where is this constraint? I would like to make it wider, and possibly push the right hand column over as far to the right as possible if I can.

    I love the simplicity of this design, very chill!

    After trying about 20 themes, I think I’m going to stick with the basics of this one, but I do have one question…. on comments, when I put a line break between paragraphs it will run them together. (i.e. it ends up looking like there aren’t paragraphs, just a block of text). I’m using slimbrowser, but I’ll also check at home on Safari to see if it’s the same problem.

    Additionally, the comment “box” seems to extend a bit too far…does anyone else have this problem?

Viewing 13 replies - 1 through 13 (of 13 total)
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