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  • Friends RSS Aggregator (FRA) WordPress plugin was built to enable a WordPress installation to have a friends page. By creating a group of friends’ weblog links with RSS URIs in a particular link category, a user can display an aggregated list of posts by date or name. The word ‘Friends’ in the plugin is also a bit of a misnomer since the plugin is by no means limited to aggregating just friends’ weblogs; FRA allows aggregation of any group of links (that specify RSS URIs) in a link category.

    The plugin was developed for WordPress 1.5.x but let me know if it works for 2.0.

    Download and installation information at the project page.

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  • I’m intruiged by this, but only because the feed readers I’ve tried don’t really aggregate my feeds, but perhaps I need a different feed reader, not a WP plugin.

    Can you control how many posts show on each page and go you go back and look at older posts through the same system? (like a “Back 10 posts” button at the bottom of the page to see older posts from your feeds)

    Right now there is no way to look at older posts, but it is a feature that wouldn’t be too hard to add. I’ll look into it if you would find that useful.

    Also, the number of posts displayed on the page can be controlled by a simple parameter. The default is 10 posts if you’re aggregating by date (newest to oldest).


    I’ll give it a try and report back with any questions.

    Thanks for developing something like this.

    Okay…. so far (after a few changes and template redirects to get it to fit with my theme) I think this is looking pretty good. 🙂

    I’ve only added 2 feeds at this point, but I want to play some with the html/css that displays the posts. Would I do that in the friends-rss.php file? I don’t see a whole lot of code there that I feel like I could alter… but then again, I’m certainly no php expert.

    For instance, I’d like some break between posts.. maybe even a simple horizontal rule. Right now the posts run into each other pretty substantionally. I’d also like to redefine what the text for the titles/authors/date, etc.. looks like.

    Any input would be valued. 🙂

    Lookin good.

    Every post is styled with the default styles in WP for posts. e.g.
    <div class=”post”>
    <h2>[Link Name]</h2>
    [Post Title]
    <small>[Date of Post]</small>
    [Content of Post]

    What I am thinking I should do is change the div style to a seperate class that can be styled seperately. Also, I’ll add a parameter to the display function to allow for custom date formats. And I’ll also add a horizontal rule with a style that can be customized between posts.

    In the meantime, you can either directly modify the function display_feeds_by_date in friends-rss.php or copy the body of the function into the template file you are using and modify it from there. The display function creates the html output for the posts.

    If you could send me back all your changes, it would be immensely helpful as I could use those changes to generalize my code to allow people to make changes without having to hack at the code, like you may have to do.


    Okay… I unfortunately am not so great at the CSS, although it’s this sort of stuff that helps me get better. I’ll look at developing a different class…see what I can come up with. I’ll send you anything I change. 🙂

    Do you know if it’s possible to specify more than one category or use category IDs instead of category names?

    You can’t specify more than one category right now, but I’ll add that for the next release which should be sometime this or next week.

    I don’t plan on supporting category IDs as parameters, but I’ll also take a look into that as well.

    I think the CatID works now… at least it does when I specify it in the template file, but maybe it’s being overridden by the function.

    I’m using this and it’s still returning the posts I want…


    Great plugin!

    How can I limit the amount of text in a post and not show images?

    you can see what I am up to (currently) at

    also trying out CG-feedlist at

    Thanks again

    I think you meant “CG-FeedRead”… 😉

    sorry david – yeah that’s the name 😛


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