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  • A paypal shopping cart plugin developed with accessibility and ease of use in mind.

    Download via

    Should be compatible with 2.2, 2.3 and it partially works in 2.0.11 (just needs manual changes to the theme).

    Instructions and help are included in the plugin.

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  • I wish you had a demo so I don’t have to install it just to see how does it work… 🙂

    It’s on my todo list, but I need to create cron jobs, and backups to reinstall the thing every so often.

    You can view the front end at and eventually I’ll be using that as the demo.

    Thanks, that’s already a big help – seeing at least the front-end’s behaviour.

    I’m unable to activate this plugin to test, on a WP v2.5 install.

    Fatal error: Call to undefined function add_shortcode() in….eshop.php on line 282

    Any ideas?

    Note – I’m posting re: the updated 2.5 version.

    If you are using W2.5 it should work, can you try re-uploading the wordpress files – that seems to have cured undefined functions for others.

    Very promising for a simple paypal-integration system- but I can’t seem to be able to define stock levels.

    go to the settings – eshop page. Set Stock Control to on, then edit your products and you should be able to set the stock levels. If not please let me know and I’ll check into it.

    Any old versions for wordpress MU?

    Download available via should work with MU. Unless MU has been updated to use WP2.5, in which case I hope the files available via the wordpress plugins is suitable.

    I’m currently configuring this plug-in for use on a client’s site, and so far, so good. (I’d send a link, but it’s not live just yet.) I’m working on setting up the shipping charges, though, and I’ve found that I really need more classes and zones than are currently available: a total of maybe 20 classes and 9 zones. Is this something that I can do myself? Or do I risk screwing up the whole operation? I’m not a programmer by any stretch of the imagination, but I am comfortable editing/amending PHP when I need to. Thanks in advance!

    hmm not easy to code in, without actually trying I don’t know how some things will work. Class F has been set aside for free shipping though.

    Anyway – you’ll need to alter the eshop_shipping_rates table, and the eshop_shipping.php page. There may be others, but that is all I can think of straight away.

    If you get stuck, let me know – I can run a test version with alterations if need be.

    Thanks for your quick response! I’ll take a look… may not want to mess with a good thing, especially if you aren’t sure of the ramifications. I might be able to work with my client to simplify her shipping costs so that I can avoid this altogether!

    This plugin is exactly what I was looking for. Do you have any idea when the version for WP 2.5 will be released?

    sure, the current version works with 2.5 and can be downloaded from:



    I installed eShop and am finding that every time I make an edit to a post, it duplicates the product under eshop > products listing page. Is this the normal behavior?

Viewing 15 replies - 1 through 15 (of 26 total)
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