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    After learning that in WordPress v2.0 (the upcoming version of WordPress that was previously known as v1.6), the plugin management page would still sort plugins by directory and filename rather than the plugin’s name (which makes a lot more sense to me), I decided to write this plugin.

    It creates a sub-page on the plugin management page in the admin area that’s exactly like the original, except that the plugins are sorted alphabetically rather than by directory & filename.


    This plugin works in both the WordPress 1.5.x series and WordPress 2.0.x series.

    Download / More Details:

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  • Thanks Viper. I got it installed on 2 WP’s. Only thing I didn’t really like is the explanation about how it’s stupid at the top. “Counter intuitive” might be a friendlier reaction, if any. Presumably whoever downloaded this already agrees, and prefers a lean-mean and clean Plugins page…

    Done. Good idea. 🙂

    New version is out. You should be automatically redirected to this plugin’s page now when you attempt to view the defualt plugin page. No more having to click “Plugins” at the top and then “Alphabetical Plugin Management”, it should just go straight to that subpage now. 🙂

    Other bug fixes as well, so make sure to update. 😉

    I had to make another minor suggestion on your blog 🙂 Too bad I made it after the update. I just asked for a link to Options > Plugins Used, from within Plugins > Alphabetical.

    As I said there:

    Why? They’re unrelated plugins really and it’s not THAT hard to click twice (Options -> Plugins Used) rather than once, is it? 😉

    I guess I don’t see why 1 plugin needs multiple menus anyway, especially one that just does the nice little thing this one does. Majority of plugins I’ve tried don’t have 2 menus in the Admin unless they’re sub-menus within 1 GUI. When I want to control that plugin, I’d just prefer having it all together, or interlinked. Just my opinion/feedback.

    Hmm, how’d I miss the above post?

    Dgold: Alphabetical Plugins and my Plugins Used plugin are seperate and non-related plugins, even though they both display their lists alphabetically. 😉

    Schnawsome! I’m an order freak, and this is exactly what I’ve wanted! I didn’t even consider that it could be done; thanks 007!


    Hehe, no problem. 🙂

    Very good, provided a well ordered brain. Rmembering other names than your own 😎

    Well it’s about time someone did something about that! Thanks, Viper.

    iamPariah: The brain?

    Updated to work with v2.0.1 (a function was moved in the core files).

Viewing 14 replies - 1 through 14 (of 14 total)
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