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  • I am REALLY new to this, and I have been attempting to edit the HTML code for my theme with no luck. I downloaded a text editor, but I don’t understand how the editted file gets from my computer to my website.
    What I want to do is change the picture on my theme, I am useing the Kubrick defualt theme and just want to tweak it a little bit, however when I go to “Manage” and then “file”, it says that “you could edit this file if it were writable”. How do I get a writtable theme, I want to make it custom. Thanks for the help. -Dirt

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  • As far as I know you can’t edit the file from the page you are talking about, you can just see it’s contents and I’m not even sure if it’s the current content or just the default content.

    In any case, I find you have to edit the files directly on the server. So you could copy all the code from the window you are talking about and paste it into a notepad document being sure to save the file with the right extension such as .php

    Then you can make your edits but you still have to then UPLOAD your revised file to the blog’s server and replace what’s their now. You normally would use a FTP tool for this however your ISP may provide you Web-based tools where you can see into the directory structure of your blog and upload your revised file that way.

    Sorry if I am confusing you.

    Well, you CAN edit within wp – IF you change the permissions on the file you want to edit using either an ftp client or the host server’s cpanel (if there is one).

    If you change the permissions to at least 666 you should be able to edit inside wp. But the way scrow9 stated also works just fine.

    Thank you very much. I am having my site hosted by a friend who happens to own a server. I am digging around through my cpanel right now looking for the spot I might be able to paste a templet. Thanks very much. Anymore info is still welcome, but I will attack these two ideas first. -DIRT

    Well, you can do it through the file manager too – without changing any permissions…. just make file backups FIRST, okay?

    I can’t find the the spot in my host cpanel that allows me to change those permission settings, I also can’t find anything about my default templet in there. I will just talk to my buddy who owns the server tomorrow and get some help from him. Thanks for your advice. I haven’t been this “unknowledgable” on ANYTHING for a long time…time to hit the books on this topic. Thanks again. -DIRT

    Good luck – it can all be pretty bewildering to begin with. Have your friend show you about permissions, how to edit a file through file manager, etc. Let us know how you get on!

Viewing 6 replies - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)
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