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  • hello all

    i’m using wordpress already as a blog-system for 3 years. now i want to go a bit further and use wordpress as some kind of “real” cms.

    for a project i need to create relations between different posts. e.g. i have a content type/category “artist” and a content-type “cd”. now i want to create a 1:n-relationship between these both content-types. one approach could be to use tagging and enter the artists name as a tag, but i would like to create a real post for each artist and relate n-cds to the artist.

    has anyone an idea how to solve this problem?

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  • By content-type, do you mean category (a category ‘Artist’ and a category ‘CD’)?


    Wouldn’t it be easier then to add the post to both categories? (Let the post itself be the link between the two categories?)

    that’s not what i want to achieve. i would like to connect a post “artist coldplay” to a post “CD Viva la vida” and to a post “CD Clocks”. a relational connection, so that on the post “Coldplay” i can list the both CD-entries.

    Aaah, ok. That makes sense 🙂

    Perhaps one of the following plugins could help you?

    If they don’t do what you want, I’d go with adding the tags manually.

    these plugins could be another solution. thank you for your support. but they are not the solution i was really looking for, to build relational database connections between posts (as i can do it e.g. in drupal). as far as i can see now, this is not possible within wordpress or additional plugins.

    Would this plugin be something you could use?

    wow! at a first look, pods looks exactly what i’m searching for. i’ll give it a try over christmas vacation. thank you very much for your efforts.


    No problem 🙂 The plugin was in my plugin list (dashboard) and had to check it out. Looked perfect for you (at least, from what I’ve read), so I just had to let you know ofcourse 🙂

Viewing 9 replies - 1 through 9 (of 9 total)
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