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  • Hi,

    This is not a bug report. I just want to hear your idea’s on an application I’m trying to build, using UM.

    First, I want to divide my members in different groups (active, pensionned, paying, non-paying, …). Ideally a members should be able to belong to more than one group (i.e. pensionned + paying).
    I read in one of your blog posts that you are already working on this. So, I’ll wait until this feature is available.

    Secondly, I need to define relations between my paying members and their partners and/or children. For instance, when a partner of an already existing member registers, I want them to create a relationship with their partner. The same when children of a member want to register, I want them to state their relationship to the existing member.
    The idea behind this is that the partners and children get certain advantages if they are related to a paying member.

    And once the relation is created, when a paying member checks their profile, they should see the members who are connected with their account (partner, children).
    An additional feature could be that the paying member (and site admin) gets notified when a partner or child registers stating to have a relation with them. This would be a precaution against random registrations.

    I realise this may be asking a lot, but would this kind of functionality be possible at this time or some point in the future?
    Or would it involve a lot of custom coding? Or maybe there exists an add-on plugin I could use in combination with UM to help me realise the above described functionality?

    Thanks for giving this feature a thought.

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