• Hello,

    Is it possible to use relation from different groups?
    I’m trying to migrate from another Builder but this scenario seems not to be valid in your builder.


    'params' => array(
    	'group 1' => array(
    			'name' => 'param1',
    			'label' => 'Param 1',
    			'type' => 'dropdown',
    			'options' => array(
    				'1' => '1',
    				'2' => '2',
    				'3' => '3',
    			'value' => '1',
    			'description' => 'Description of Param 1',
    	'group 2' => array(
    			'name' => 'param2',
    			'label' => 'Param 2',
    			'type' => 'text',
    			'value' => '',
    			'description' => 'Description of Param 2',
    			'relation' => array( 'parent' => 'param1', 'show_when' => array( '2', '3' ) ),

    Is this a hard restriction or do you plan to support this scenario?

    Thanks in advance!

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  • Hi anikitas,

    Thank you for your questions.
    That is great ideas for our page builder.
    We will consider to add that on future.

    Hope that convenient for your plan.

    Best regards,


    Thread Starter anikitas


    Hello again,

    I might wait for a while otherwise i’ll have to delete all these relations when parent is on another group.

    I have another similar question that also seems to be a restriction.
    This is regarding the textarea and textarea_html. During migration again i had some shortcodes that used param with name content with a textarea but not the full html one. In some cases we don’t need the insert media and all these settings of the html editor but a plain textarea.

    I see in your code that this field name ( content ) supports 3 types:

    • text
    • textarea
    • textarea_html
    if (data.name == 'content'){						
    	var fields_support = {
    		textarea_html: 'Textarea Html',
    		text: 'Text field',
    		textarea: 'Textarea',

    But only textarea_html seems to work correctly, the other two work only as attribute content. And textarea always with base64 code.

    Is it possible to use a normal textarea like textarea_html ( using “__the content__” instead attribute “content” ) so the actual content is displayed in the builder plain not compressed?


    If this is not possible with the current elements maybe a new element e.g: textarea_plain could used instead so the logic is not changed. so someone could switch from textarea_html to textarea_plain when he doesn’t want to show the advanced editor in such cases.

    Or better an extra option in textarea_html to show the textarea as plain.

    Sorry for the long question, i just need to understand your restrictions as i need to migrate to your Builder 50 custom shortcodes.

    Thanks in advance!

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