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    I’m using multilingual plugin WPML together with zemanta related posts. In your plugin configuration you can define your own Related Posts Title. WPML detects strings and makes them translateable, but I think that this string is not working.

    Here it is WPML guide to make a working string, and I would like to suggest you to make it compatible so people would be able to have the title in every language.

    Thank you!

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  • Hey, thanks for reaching out & I would gladly help, but I’m really sorry to say that we don’t have any plans to make any new, additional string adjustments in the near future, since we are already working hard on some other features that we plan to bring in you the forthcoming months.

    I’m sorry about that, but we hope you understand the position we’re currently in.

    But if you have any other questions regarding Zemanta or if there’s anything else not completely clear, do let me know & I’ll gladly help!

    Take care & have a nice day!


    That’s sad 🙁 I’m just asking for editing a simple line, and then it will be compatible and it’s done, and it will have any effect for people not using wpml. I can understand your position but… please reconsider it.



    I sat down with our main super-busy engineer once again and he said he’s going to think about it. Knowing him, this is better than nothing & quite promising, to be honest.

    I sincerely hope I’ll be able to get back to you with a positive answer! And sorry for all this negotiation in between, we really don’t want to sound all too unaccessible.


    Hi! Now you’ve sounded a lot more accessible and I’m happy for your answer. I think that it’s something pretty easy. Considering your busy situation and to help you as much as I can, here you will find how WPML detects strings to translate:

    Getting string translation to work

    You already have one string which is detected by WPML. It’s on line 47 on settings.php. This one:

    $title = __('Zemanta', 'zemanta_related_posts');

    You only need to make the Related Posts Title look like the same and it will work.

    And WPML guys, also offer free subscription for plugin developers. Here it is the link for you to ask for it:

    Theme and Plugin Developers

    If you want me to check it if it works, just ask me and I’ll do it!

    Hope that helps! Thank you so much!

    Nedd translation too with WPML
    I’m not a beginner but i do not understant how i do that… ?
    eg :
    as you can see the title is in French “Articles qui devraient vous intéresser”

    Can you explain me what do i must do ton make this title works with WPML ?

    excuse my english, i’m not english…


    you said : “You already have one string which is detected by WPML.”
    Yes i saw this lines, but WPML do no see it with “WPML String Translation”
    I also use the plugin Localisation, and this one do not see this string, and not this you plugin…

    For what it’s worth, we contacted the WPML developers for some cooperation on this matter, since we would like to see what are our options to get this thing sorted.

    Please don’t understand this as a promise for anything, but we are prepared to do our best on this matter. If it ends up to be too much work for us, we’ll have to drop the project, but if there’s cooperation from both sides, we are more than willing to get this multi-lingual issue sorted once & for all.

    As always — we’ll keep you informed & please do let us know if you have any inquiries, since we’ll gladly help!

    Take care & have a nice day!


    That’s good news! Hope you can get to solve it esaily! 🙂
    I’ll keep waiting for news!

    Thanks, i’ll wait to

Viewing 9 replies - 1 through 9 (of 9 total)
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