• Hi there,

    I am having difficulty to show related posts on my blog. I have a website running on WordPress 3.9. Before the update it was working, but I have just noticed today that related posts are disappeared from my blog. I updated wordpress a few days ago and not sure if it happened right away, or something else is wrong.

    Could anyone please give me some suggestions how to solve this?

    Thank you!


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  • same with me. infact share email doesnt work on laptop and desktop browsers … and also…. most imp “when i share facebook for post” it says page not found. this is not working i am done with share holic

    Hi Mayafx,

    My problem got solved! 🙂 In the App Manager Related Content is in ready status and my related posts are also back on my site. I don’t really know what solved the problem though. I have submitted multiple support request on Shareaholic’s website, but as for the record they have never got back to me. But what matters is that it’s working now!!

    I would strongly suggest to contact them and let them know if you haven’t done it yet.

    As for the sharing via email and facebook issue, I haven’t experienced those.

    Anyway, good luck for you! I hope you’ll find or get a solution soon!


    Hi timeafoki,

    I have posted them more than 1 month and 1 issue more than 1 week. no reply. hence i saw them replying on this forum. i have posted my questions. but no response or help from them.


    Hey Guys – I’m sorry for the late response.

    @timeafoki – Glad it’s showing. It can take up to a day for recommendations to show, depending on how many are in the queue and/or if you have a lot of pages on your site.

    @mayafx – I’m so sorry your issue got lost in the shuffle. Can you post the url to your site, so we can look into this?

    Dear devinemily_shareaholic,

    My Related Content disappeared again from my blog site. In the App Manager the Related Content status is “Ready” and it worked perfectly before. I don’t really know what happened…! Could you please help me get it back?


    @timefoki -Do you have recommendations set to show Pages, Posts, Category and/or Index?

    Also, I see you also emailed to support@. Going to merge with this one, unless you’d rather continue via the support ticket 🙂

    Thanks for your quick reply devinemily!
    Yes, I have recommendations set to show Pages, Posts, Category and Index as well. Since my last post (yesterday) I have re-installed Shareaholic plugin, because I thought that would solve the problem, but so far nothing. Although because of the re-install, in the App Manager the Related Content status is still “Processing” again. I know it takes a while for it to change to “Ready”, but I couldn’t think of anything else to try.

    PS.: Also thank you for merging this post with my support ticket! I hope we can find a solution for this problem. I appreciate your help!


    Hi Timea – Okay, thank you for that! We’ll take a look and send you and update asap!

    Hi Timea – It looks like you might have disabled the Recommendations and Share buttons – can you please go back to the App Manager of the Shareaholic plugin and check off the boxes next to Post, Page etc?

    I just double checked every setting in the app manager. Everything is enabled. The status of the Related Content is still “Processing”, but that’s probably due to that I reinstalled the plugin this morning.

    Shareaholic Related Content still doesn’t work properly on my site. It shows only the pages that are supposed to be excluded from the related content list, as I have specified in my settings. Could you please help me with this issue? I really would like it to be fixed, because I need that feature and don’t want to use a different plugin for it, but because it hardly ever worked so far, I am really considering that option.



    @timeafoki – Yes, I will help you with this. I looked back in the thread and don’t see a link to your site – can you please post that? I’ll take a look at what’s going on, and get this working for you!

    @devinemily – Thank you for your quick reply! You can find my site at the following link: http://www.timeafoki.com/blog/
    Also, I forgot to mention that the related content shows wrong pictures as well. Thank you again!



    Great, thank you.

    Excluded pages showing: did you exclude them from the post by checking off the exclude checkbox on the post in WordPress? I’m continuing to look into this!

    Images: The pages that are showing bad thumbnails don’t actually have an image on the page, so we have nothing to display.

    @devinemily – I am using a purchased theme called Resumex. Those pages that show up in my Related Content are not real pages, that is the reason why they don’t have any images on them. They are just included in my main website (http://www.timeafoki.com). I have also checked, I don’t have the option to exclude them. However I did list those pages in the App Manager under Edit Related Content Settings.

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